5 Times Liberals Have Tried to Ruin Christmas


Surveys indicate that conservatives are vastly happier than their liberal counterparts. It’s probably a motivating factor in why Democrats spend their careers trying to control the lives of others, making people ostensibly dependent and miserable in the process.

It stands to reason that come holiday time, when emotions tend to be amplified, miserable liberals would be at their worst.

Here are 5 times that libs have gone out of their way to ruin Christmas for everybody else …

Senior Apartment Complex Bans Christmas Trees

A senior apartment complex in Newhall, California banned their resident’s community hall Christmas tree because it was um … a reminder that some people do still celebrate religious holidays.

Via the LA Daily News (H/T: Drudge):

Residents in a Newhall senior apartment complex are protesting an order from management to remove their beloved Christmas tree from the community room because, they were told, it’s a religious symbol.

On Tuesday, Tarzana-based JB Partners Group Inc. sent a memo to staff at The Willows senior apartment building demanding they take down Christmas trees and menorahs in communal areas.

Army Advises Soldiers Not To Say Christmas

Last Christmas, an Equal Opportunity Officer from the Army advised soldiers not to say the word ‘Christmas.’

Via Fox News:

Two weeks ago, a routine meeting was held at the Mississippi base with various leaders of the 158th Infantry Brigade. During the meeting, they discussed an upcoming Christmas football tournament. The equal opportunity officer immediately objected to the usage of the word “Christmas.”

“Our equal opportunity representative stopped the briefing and told us that we can’t say Christmas,” the soldier told me. “Almost the entire room blew up. Everybody was frustrated. The equal opportunity rep told our commander that not everyone celebrates Christmas and we couldn’t say Christmas celebration. It had to be holiday celebration.”

The soldier said there was a brief, but heated discussion about political correctness.

Obamacare Advocates Release Ad Featuring Half-Naked Men

Apparently, Obamacare shills felt the only way to get their message through to the LGBT community is to show half-naked men in blatantly suggestive imagery.

No, we’re not kidding …


School Somehow Cuts Religious References In Silent Night

The popular Christmas song Silent Night was written by a young Roman Catholic priest by the name of Joseph Mohr. The song was first performed on Christmas Eve at St. Nicholas Church in Oberndorf, Austria. The song is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Despite these religious facts, a school in Long Island decided to remove references to Jesus Christ from the song for a 5th Grade choir concert to “avoid offending non-Christians.”

Via CBS New York (H/T: Gateway Pundit):

The song “Silent Night” is at the heart of a concert controversy on Long Island.

Kings Park school officials removed several religious references, including “Holy infant” and “Christ the Savior,” from the popular Christmas carol before a student concert last week, WCBS 880′s Mike Xirinachs reported.

The intent was to avoid offending non-Christians, but the change left others upset.

Atheists Hammer School For Bringing Kids to See ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

An elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas, had the audacity to bring their students to a church performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” An uproar was caused by a parent or two who took umbrage to the religious content and religious venue for the play. Even though the school offered parents a chance to opt their child out of the field trip if they so desired, somebody wasn’t content with the option, and instead contacted an atheist group.

And since atheist groups had nothing better to do than ruin holidays for children, they made their complaints heard.

Via NBC 17:

An Arkansas church has canceled its matinee performances of a “A Charlie Brown Christmas” after receiving complaints from an atheist group.

Agape Church in Little Rock said it has decided to cancel the play, based on the popular television special, after receiving complaints from the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. The group opposed the decision of first and second grade teachers at Terry Elementary School to take students to the performance at the church…

… The pastor at the church, Happy Caldwell, said the outrage has forced him to cancel the matinee performance because “it is not our desire to put hard working, sacrificial teachers and cast members in harm’s way.”

With that last item in mind, we’d like to return the favor and ruin Christmas for liberals.

Here is a video clip of easily the most offensive portion of A Charlie Brown Christmas in liberal or atheist eyes – Linus, quoting scripture in an attempt to quantify the true meaning of Christmas.

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