‘4th of July’ Study Finds States that Voted For Trump Are More Patriotic Than Those that Voted For Hillary

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A recent study conducted by WalletHub shows that red states that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 exhibit far more patriotic characteristics than their blue state counterparts, which voted for Hillary Clinton.

The group compiled statistics on two major categories to determine the level of patriotism for all 50 states. Those categories consist of military engagement – populations of veterans and military enlistees, and civic engagement – residents who volunteered, voted, and took part in their community.

They also defined states by how they voted in the 2016 presidential election – meaning red states voted for President Trump while blue states voted for Clinton.

With lower numbers equating to a higher level of patriotism, WalletHub reports that “red (Trump) states are more patriotic than blue (Clinton) states.”

The red states had an average score of 23.67, as opposed to blue states at 28.25, again with the lower number being more ‘Murica.’

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Where’s Your State?

Despite these overall findings, you may be surprised to learn that the most patriotic state in the nation according to WalletHub did actually go for Clinton in 2016.

New Hampshire gets the honor, edging out Wyoming, Vermont, Utah, and Idaho.

On the other end of the spectrum, the study reveals that New Jersey is the least patriotic state, followed closely by New York, California, West Virginia, and Texas.

Despite New Hampshire’s crown, seven out of the top ten patriotic states voted for Trump in 2016. Meanwhile, six out of the ten least patriotic states went for Hillary, with absolute liberal cesspools in California, New York, and New Jersey solidly ranking at the bottom.

Does anyone see a trend?

What Liberals View as Patriotic

During his State of the Union speech in 2016, Barack Obama stated that democracy “doesn’t work if we think that our political opponents are unpatriotic.”

We agree. It’s just that liberals have a very strange view of what makes them patriotic.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), for example, believes impeaching President Trump over issues turned out to be a hoax, or that every president before him was given a pass on, is patriotic.

Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View,’ believes simply hating and opposing Trump is patriotic.

The left also tends to despise many all-American things – including beer, McDonald’s, the Founding Fathers, the American flag, the national anthem, and God.

No, we don’t question the left’s patriotism, but their sanity is certainly worthy of further analysis.

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