21 Million Guns Were Sold in U.S. In 2020, An Astronomical 73% Spike

21 million guns

In 2020, Americans bought approximately 21 million guns, which is a whopping 73 percent increase over the amount purchased in 2019.

According to ABC News coverage of figures quoted by pro-gun control news outlet The Trace, this spike in gun sales is the result of a “perfect storm” consisting of “the pandemic, economic recession, civil unrest and a divisive presidential election.”

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Mother And New Gun Owner: ‘Pulling A Gun Is The Last Thing I Ever Want To Do’

The Trace interviewed Trish Beaudet, a mother of three who said she and her family had never been gun owners before, but 2020 events caused them to purchase firearms.

“I’ve never owned a gun,” Beaudet said, “I’ve never wanted a gun. I’ve never had a gun in my home.”

But the rampant street violence in 2020 changed Beaudet’s mind and attitude toward gun ownership.

“It really bothers me when I watched things on the news, when you talk about the riots, and the looting, and the violence that’s happening,” Beaudet said, citing the street chaos of 2020.

“Pulling a gun is the last thing I ever want to do, but I want to know that if I need to protect myself, my family, my, you know, my children, that I can do that,” she added.

‘When Things Start To Hit A Little Closer To Home It Kind Of Makes You Sit Up’

Beaudet is not alone. “Self-described Democrat” Erin Hart traveled a similar path this year.

The divorced mother of two told The Trace, “My nightmare scenario would be being at home alone, middle of the night, and just myself and, you know, the boys, and, and someone coming in to harm us.”

Hart added, “When things start to hit a little closer home it kind of makes you sit up and think about it.”

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The Joe Biden Factor

FBI figures show that November 2020 was the 11th consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales.

This was also true at the beginning of 2020, when January and February had more background checks than those same months in years prior. 

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, riots and widespread financial suffering, it is not shocking that more Americans than ever were feeling the need to defend their families and property.

With an incoming Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration, what 2021 holds for Second Amendment rights will definitely be an issue to keep an eye on.

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