Top 2020 Democrat Contenders’ New Message? They Hate America

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Typically, one can figure out what the Democrat talking points are by listening closely to what they’ve been saying over a short period of time. They will repeat and emphasize the same point over and over in speeches and interviews. Their marching orders are delivered early on, and they rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

Listening to what some of the top contenders for the 2020 election have said in recent weeks reveals the new message out of the Democrat Party – and it’s pretty scary.

Those who have their sights set on challenging President Trump all have the same theme in their comments of late – they hate America.

It’s no exaggeration, as some of the biggest names in the party have made statements which clearly show anti-American sentiments. Let’s take a look …

Cory Booker

Sen. Cory Booker slammed the current cultural climate in America during a speech to activists in New Orleans. (RELATED: Cory Booker Tells Supporters to ‘Get Up In the Face’ of Republicans).

“I’m a big believer that if America, if this country hasn’t broken your heart, then you don’t love her enough,” the New Jersey senator announced. “Because there’s things that are savagely wrong in this country.”

Bernie Sanders

During an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said the United States is currently “fundamentally immoral and wrong” based on alleged income inequality.

“I think that there is an understanding there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong about a nation in which we have three people who own more wealth than the bottom half of the American people,” Sanders claimed. “That does not make sense.”

Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren shredded the entire justice system in America as racist, from the police officers working the streets to the justices presiding in courtrooms. (RELATED: Actual Descendant of Pocahontas Challenges Elizabeth Warren to Take DNA Test).

“The hard truth about our criminal justice system,” she alleged. “It’s racist … I mean front to back.”

Andrew Cuomo

Perhaps the most clear-cut example of the Democrat Party’s pivot to an anti-American platform is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who insists that America “was never that great.”

The recent comments elicited audible gasps in the room when they poured out of his mouth.

“We’re not going to make America great again,” Cuomo said. “It was never that great.”

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The Democrat’s top challengers for the White House have each made some sort of anti-American comment in recent weeks. Once might be an isolated incident. Twice could be a coincidence. But four times as illustrated above – that’s a pattern.

It’s further evidence of how out of touch today’s Democratic Party is with the American people.

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