2019 Navy Football Team Changes ‘Load The Clip’ Motto For Upcoming Season

When I was enlisted in the U.S. military, if we called a magazine a “clip” we would have been absolutely berated.

Guess not anymore.

The 2019 motto for the Navy Football team has been changed. Originally, it had been “load the clip,” but due to the shootings and the major outcry for gun control, the team has chosen to change the motto to “Win the Day.”

What do I think? It’s a bit of an overreaction for sure. The motto was a metaphor and nothing more. I am a lifelong Miami Hurricanes fan but I live in Baltimore, less than 30 miles from the Naval Academy. For true diehard college football fans taking in a Navy game in Annapolis is a must-do on your college football bucket list, I have attended several and it is a great great experience.

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The Naval Academy superintendent announced Friday that “Load the Clip” has been dropped as this year’s football team motto, calling it “insensitive” to those affected by the mass shooting in Annapolis last year.

Chosen by senior captain football players for the 2019-2020 season, the motto was changed after reporters from The Capital asked Navy officials about it in the context of a national wave of mass shootings and the attack that killed five people just a few miles from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

“The bottom line is, we missed the mark here. The initial internal football team motto selected, ‘Load the Clip,’ was inappropriate and insensitive to the community we call home, and for that, I take responsibility for, and apologize to not only the Capital Gazette, but the entire Annapolis community.”

The new motto will be “Win the Day.”


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So, a school that trains warriors to fight America’s enemies is “insensitive” because it has a militaristic motto for its sports team. As a military veteran, I can’t get with this Alice in Wonderland garbage.

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Ok yeah, let’s pretend the military doesn’t “load the clip” to kill terrorists. Let’s also ban violent video games because those are also insensitive to those involved. Look I get it, they experienced a terrible thing, no question, however, to do this is just another overreaction from the far-left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agenda.

So are you going to not use words like “target” or “aim” or other words that might be offensive? Remember when those words were offensive after Gabby Giffords was wounded.

Remember when “let’s roll” was offensive?

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