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Teens Threw Object at President Trump’s Motorcade – Now, They Face Criminal Charges

Just before the weekend, President Donald J. Trump was traveling in his motorcade from the airport to his Florida home, Mar-A-Lago. But as they passed along Southern Boulevard, one of the cars was hit by a hard, small object. It turned out to be a block of wood!

As the The New York Post reports, there has been a confession and now face criminal charges:

A middle school student has confessed to tossing a piece of wood at President Trump’s motorcade in Florida, police said.

The unidentified youngster is facing charges for hurling the piece of 2-by-4 at one of the vehicles in the presidential motorcade as it headed down Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach shortly before 2 p.m. Friday, cops said.

When officers from the Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office questioned the suspect, the child “implicated” four other students who were involved in the incident. It’s unclear if they too have been nabbed.

Cops said charges against the boy will be filed with the PBC State’s Attorney’s Office.

Trump was heading to his Mar-a-Lago resort nearby when the motorcade was struck.

As CBS 12 notes, multiple students face charges:

The teens, who are not being identified because they are minors, all attend local middle schools and one confessed to the incident.
Charges will be filed with the PBC States Attorney’s Office.

As a popular comment on Facebook from a local woman noted, “I remember when Pres. Kennedy would fly in to PBIA. We would line Southern Blvd and wait for the red Cadillac convertible to pass by. No one ever would have thought to throw anything at his car (or him) … It is a sad testimony to our country that in 50 years, our attitudes and behaviors have changed so much. It is shameful behavior…and I am ashamed that it happened in my hometown.”

This is what happens when the left uses violence to “resist” and “get rid” of Trump. These kids are simply learning from adults who have been acting shamefully after Trump’s historic victory in November.

Rioting, violence, and throwing things at the President are never okay.



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