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Trump Administration Enacts Visa Sanctions on “Sanctuary Countries”

The Trump Administration’s fight against sanctuary cities is still raging. But now the battlefield is being expanded. President Trump isn’t just going after sanctuary cities at home, he’s punishing sanctuary countries abroad.

What’s a sanctuary country? Well, it’s a nation that refuses to take back its citizens who are caught here residing illegally.

Yesterday, the Trump Administration began to enact visa sanctions on four such countries. The four nations are Cambodia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Eritrea. In a statement provided to the Washington Times, the State Department said; “The Secretary of State has ordered consular officers in Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia to implement visa restrictions effective September 13, 2017. The Secretary determined the categories of visa applicants subject to these restrictions on a country-by-country basis.”

While the law allows for all visas to be halted to any country that refuse to cooperate with our deportations, the punishment enacted on the four aforementioned nations isn’t quite as severe. According to the Times, ” In Cambodia, only top diplomats and their families will be denied temporary tourism or business visas. In Eritrea, the U.S. Embassy will stop issuing business and tourist visas to all citizens. In Guinea, government officials and family members will be denied business, tourist, and student and exchange program visas. In Sierra Leone, the government’s diplomats and immigration officials will be denied business and tourist visas.”

Doesn’t it tell you something when a nation refuses to take back their own citizens once they’ve come to America? To paraphrase our president, it sure doesn’t make it sound like these countries are sending their best and brightest.

This new policy will show the world that America is serious about controlling its borders.

That’s not the only progress that’s been made recently on sanctuary locations. Last week the House of Representatives voted to block federal transportation and housing funding from sanctuary cities.

Rather than ban sanctuary cities from receiving federal funding with one sweeping piece of legislation, the Trump Administration’s strategy has been to go after the streams of funding one by one. Shortly after taking office, Trump signed an executive order denying federal funding to sanctuary cities, but that was blocked by a federal judge from San Francisco.

Even with that setback, President Trump is still winning on the sanctuary city issue. According to one recent poll, 77 percent of Americans in key battleground states oppose sanctuary cities – including 83 percent of Hispanics residing there.

The fight against sanctuary cities is good for America – and good politics.



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