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Trump Holds Amazing Press Conference, Attacks CNN

President Donald Trump held a press conference to announce his new choice for Labor Secretary… Alex Acosta.

He will be the first Hispanic member of Trump’s cabinet.

But for more than a hour, Trump railed on the the liberal media, shell-shocking liberal reporters who didn’t know just how bad it would be for them.

Trump gave a whooping and ate these journalists alive. This is one for the record books:

Trump made fun of CNN’s Jim Acosta, as he has the same last name as Trump’s choice for Labor Secretary. CNN now seems to operate as a 24/7 anti-Trump PR-machine, and Trump joked that they made sure there was no relation between the reporter and his nominee.

TRUMP: And you’re not related to our new —

ACOSTA: I am not related, sir. I do like the sound of Secretary Acosta, I must say.

TRUMP: You know, I looked at that name. I said wait a minute. Is there any relation there, Alex Acosta?

ACOSTA: I’m sure you checked that out, sir.

TRUMP: No, I checked it. I said — they said, no, sir. I said do me a favor, go back and check the family tree.

All liberal CNN could say in response was: “WOW!”

The establishment media was overwhelmed:

But Sean Hannity echoed the views of Trump supporters, who loved the media beat-down:

Trump came out swinging full force, and didn’t hold back. This is the Trump we all loved during the Republican primary, and he’s back fighting hard.

Finally, Republicans have a spokesman who will fight back against the media, instead of letting them define everything.

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