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President Trump Rips On MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski – Says Brzezinski Has A Face-Lift

President Trump’s days of watching “Morning Joe” are over.

That’s according to fresh tweets from the President’s brazen Twitter account. This morning, Trump took to the popular social media site to blast “Morning Joe” hosts and newly-engaged couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. And this time, Trump completely tore off the filter, revealing a deep secret about Brzezinski.

If that doesn’t scream “smackdown” I don’t know what does. I especially love Trump’s new nickname for Scarborough, “Psycho Joe.” The man truly is off his rocker, if his new “music video” is any indication.

It’s well known that both Mika and Joe despise President Trump, and make no bones about their feelings. And this isn’t the first time Trump has attacked the liberal morning show.

In fact, the last time Trump dished out some dirt on Mika and Joe, it was later confirmed to be true!

Of course, Joe and Mika are now engaged, which shows just how much Trump knows about them. Perhaps they should keep that in mind the next time they criticize the president.



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