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First Part of U.S. Border Wall Completed, Paid for by Obama

Since then-candidate Donald J. Trump began his presidential campaign back in 2015, he has made illegal immigration a focal point of his platform – focusing on what detractors call the Trump border wall.

Trump has pledged to enforce America’s immigration laws, end sanctuary cities, and complete a much-needed border wall along our southern border. President Trump has pushed Congress to provide additional funding and resources for the wall, but unsurprisingly, pro-illegal immigration politicians have fought against him at every turn.

Despite objections from those opposed to law and order, the wall is being built, and just passed a major milestone this week.

But that’s not even the best part. The best part is, it was funded by a budget approved by former President Barack Obama!

From Conservative Tribune:

A new 7-and-a-half mile long welded steel wall has been completed along the Mexican border in Naco, Arizona.

The project was paid for by last year’s fiscal budget, which was given the thumbs up by Obama. It seems that the former president is fine with securing small areas of the border, but attacks anyone who wants to secure the entire country.

At 18 feet high, the new wall is meant to stop pedestrians from crossing into the United States unimpeded. It is replacing an older and far less effective fence, which was reportedly built from chain link and pieces of a military landing platform.

Border walls have come under heavy criticism by liberals, but security experts say that they work. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is on record as saying that a wall is “the most effective way to keep people out, to stop drugs, to stop cartels, to stop human trafficking, and to prevent illegal immigration,” according to HeatStreet.

Here’s video of the wall being completed:

While the American people are happy to see the border wall being constructed, it does expose the true hypocrisy of Barack Obama. The former president has yet to explain how he can justify funding a portion of the border wall, but repeatedly attack anyone who supports the wall.

Unfortunately, given that both Republicans and Democrats have shown little interest in paying for a border wall, President Trump is going to have a major fight on his hands. A recent survey found that not a single congressman from a border district favors the border wall, which means the president will have to work just that much harder to find the funds to build the wall.

Several weeks ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has proposed introducing a bill that would seize the assets controlled by the infamous drug lord El Chapo to finance the construction of a border wall.

The border wall will eventually get built, and it is up to Congress to have the political courage to support President Trump and provide him with the funds to keep America safe.

Do you find it hilarious that a portion of the border wall was funded by an Obama budget? Do you think the wall will get built? Share your thoughts below!