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Rep. Trey Gowdy Suggests that Attorney General Jeff Sessions Step Down

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not in the good graces of President Trump.

Despite being the first Republican senator to endorse Trump during the contentious GOP primary, and despite once being one of the Senate’s only champions of border control and strict law enforcement, Sessions has found himself on the outs with the president in recent days.

Trump has expressed regret for hiring Sessions as Attorney General following his recusal from the Russian investigation. The president recently told the Wall Street Journal, “I’m very disappointed in Jeff Sessions.” And then there are the tweets from this morning:

With this kind of criticism, it’s rumored that Sessions is considering resigning from his post. And can you blame him? Despite being a key Trump ally during the campaign, the Attorney General is being trashed by his boss in public.

Rep. Trey Gowdy has weighed in on the issue. He says that if he were Sessions, he wouldn’t stay in the current office. Take a look:

“I would not stay if my employer had lost confidence in me,” the South Carolina Republican admitted, adding that the “public squabbling” is “heartbreaking” for him.

“On the other hand, Attorney General Sessions may believe that he is doing the job in the way that he is supposed to,” he added. “He doesn’t work for the President, he works for a blindfolded woman holding a set of scales. So he’s got to make that call.”

H/T BizPacReview

As a former prosecutor, Gowdy knows that politics is a nasty business. You have to have thick skin and keen insight to make it in the political world. And you have to have the support of your friends as you battle the partisan forces that seek to tear you down.

Sessions would be in a better position to fight had he not recused himself from the Russia investigation. Now it looks like his days as AG are numbered.



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