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Tomi Lahren Is Back – On Fox News!

Controversial political commentator Tomi Lahren has irked a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle, but Fox News host Sean Hannity has offered her a spot on his show – at least for a week.

Lahren was previously a TV host at One American Network (OAN) and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, but the fiery 24-year-old angered many conservatives back in March when she appeared on The View and proclaimed that she’s in favor of abortion.

Indeed, even though Lahren describes herself as a conservative, she’s certainly not afraid to criticize them:

But Hannity seems to be perfectly fine with that:

Despite all the controversy, however, Lahren has proven to be an outspoken advocate for President Donald Trump – and the conservative movement could certainly use more strong, outspoken, young women. But it’s no surprise that Lahren’s pro-abortion stance isn’t sitting well with conservatives. No true conservative would ever claim to be pro-abortion. Even libertarians – who are much more flexible on social issues than conservatives – largely disagree with abortion.

If nothing else, Lahren is certainly making waves.



What do you think of Tomi Lahren? Do you agree with Sean Hannity’s decision to give her a platform? Share your thoughts below!