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Tomi Lahren’s Former Colleagues at TheBlaze Are Releasing Dirt on Her

If you don’t know about Tomi Lahren or if you do and you adore her like a demi-god, please read this because I have no dog in this fight.

I am not a Lahren fan, and I don’t hate her, but I don’t look on her with blinders either. She is currently in a public fight with TheBlaze right now because she “claims” she’s been fired, and they are stopping her from using her Facebook page, which the network has denied over and over. Tomi went on The View and told America she was pro-choice. That didn’t sit with many of her supporters. Most of her fan base do not care what her view is, they just want to watch her on TV.

According to the Daily Caller, her co-workers aren’t that happy with her either. Some will call it a smear while others will call it the truth. Either way, both parties will come out of this with damaged reputations.

Source: The Daily Caller

She often butted heads with other BlazeTV personalities and seemed jealous when others received public attention. Lahren seemed to especially dislike BlazeTV host Dana Loesch, and would avoid her at all costs — even refusing to enter the makeup room if Loesch was present. Loesch declined to comment for this story.

Lahren and another popular BlazeTV host, Lawrence Jones, often butted heads as well. After the Dallas police shooting last summer, Lahren compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK, writing on Twitter: “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are far from equality.”

Lahren and Jones, who is black, were seen heatedly arguing about the statement, which Lahren eventually deleted from Twitter.

Jones, who declined to comment for this story, wasn’t the only one rubbed the wrong way by Lahren’s comments about black people, sources said. Several others at the company grew irritated with her over the way she handled racial issues.

I think I stay away from her show because of the way she views and uses racial issues to gain a lot of stardom. I would never tell her to stop doing what she was doing because it worked for her, but it was a huge turnoff for me to follow or watch the show. I understand completely where her coworker was coming from.

Tomi is claiming she got benched because of her appearance on The View and word has been leaking that’s not the case. I’ve known for a while that she has an “attitude” problem. Glenn Beck is not liked by many but it was his decision to ride the fame of Tomi at the expense of the regular TV personalities on his network, and it’s come back to bite him, hard.

Either way, Tomi is going to be released from TheBlaze, and she’s probably going to land on a major network. If the diva attitude was real, many would learn of it soon afterward.

What do you think of some of these whistleblowers? Do you support Tomi or do you think TheBlaze had no choice? Share your comments below.