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  1. Marion says:

    From what I understand, Tomi is 24 years old. Most likely she grew up with her parent’s views, views from her religious upbringing, High school group think, then college group think, and she is about to emerge as an adult to form her own views. I don’t happen to agree with her on this particular view, however, we as adults must accept it that maybe she is developing a view different from ours. If we knock her for developing these views, which she must have ALWAYS had deep down somewhere, then that indeed make us bigots. I feel that once she has a child, her views may change again. I can’t hold it against her that she doesn’t feel as I do about life. I can’t tweet mean stuff to her, and hate to see that. She is bright, and upcoming. I would want to KEEP her on the side of the country we are on. Not over there with the liberals. Give Tomi some space to develop her own views.

  2. Nikola says:

    She is just going after some of that “Hollywood” money……as much as she can get……….for basically doing nothing but blabbing her opinions and wearing as little as possible.

    She will appreciate as much of your money as you will give her……just like thousands of others conning people out of their money.

  3. Bobbie says:

    Did we lose our rights when I wasn’t looking? We are still entitled to our own opinions, aren’t we?
    Personally, I could/would never have an abortion…but I do think the right should be there for those that choose it…too many babies getting beaten to death these days……and we do not have to answer to another human being for our legal choices….we only have to answer to God or whichever Supreme Being you believe in….

  4. bigdaddy says:

    Are they in an ” employ at will ” state ? If so , then tough luck lady ! The program may be liable for unemployment benefits but that is where your rights end ! You are definitely allowed to have your own views , but the employer is NOT required to provide you a platform to ate\ate those views . The right to free association also comes in to play . If the Program does not wish to associate with you due to your views , then it is ” sayonara Charlie , Good bye and good luck ” !

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