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Former Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Exposes Obama Leftovers As Leakers

Former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka quit his job with the Trump Administration last Friday. And he’s wasting no time making waves outside the Oval Office.

Known for his bombastic television appearances, Gorka went on Fox News this morning and broke some huge news. The question on everyone’s mind in the White House is: Who is leaking information to the press?

Gorka has the answer. And while it’s not totally unexpected, you have to wonder when President Trump is finally going to shut these people up for good.

EARHARDT: “Dr. Gorka, what’s going on with all the infighting and with the leaking? Do you know who is leaking?”

GORKA: “Again, I don’t like to give in to the palace intrigue stories. I think in many cases they’re tactical leaks against people you don’t like at the high level. The really damaging stuff, the 125 national security leaks in the first six months, as far as I’m concerned, those are coming from Obama holdovers.

We have a massive amount of holdovers who do not agree with this president and don’t understand that as a government civil servant you serve the president, not your own agenda. That’s what I think is the source.”

That’s an incredible revelation.

For the past few months, the Trump White House has been full of speculation over who was leaking to the press. The prime suspects were Administration officials themselves, including now former personnel like Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

But, according to Gorka, the leakers were in plain sight – they were holdovers from the Obama Administration.

Trump should have seen this coming, and he should fire every last one of them. They’ve earned their pink slip.

H/T The Federalist Papers



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