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Sadie Robertson Reveals Heartbreaking Struggle With Eating Disorder

Sadie Robertson is one of the most beloved members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast, and like the rest of her family, she always speaks her mind and never hides anything from her fans.

On her blog “Live Original,” Robertson chronicles the daily struggles of her walk with faith in the limelight, and encourages her fans to always seek and trust in God. She also lays bare some of her most personal testaments, and in her most recent blog post she revealed that immediately after her run on “Dancing With the Stars,” she “struggled with an eating problem connected to a negative body image for about a year.”

I woke up like this… SIKE! 👉🏼 This is how I woke up today. Many of you know I am an open book. I share most everything I walk through, but what I’m about to share with you is a particular topic I have always hidden. To be honest, I did not know how to speak confidently about something that stole my confidence. I'm sure the media is going to love to run wild with this, but it’s part of my story and I feel led to share. I recently found out that 97% of women have struggled with negative body image issues. It broke my heart and I truly want to help change that statistic because to be honest….I was part of that. I struggled with an eating problem connected to a negative body image for about a year. The photo in the red dress was when it was really bad and when I first saw that picture all I could see was the "fat" that went outside the dress. Someone in the modeling industry had told me, if I wanted to be a model, then I needed to lose that. Looking back I'm so sad that those thoughts stole the beauty and joy of that photo. The second picture is me – the girl behind the screen. This is real life. Today on the blog I’m sharing about this dark season of my life with y’all. 100% real and vulnerable. Praying every girl who reads this is encouraged by the powerful truth that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Link in bio to read. ❤️

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That Robertson struggled with an eating disorder will likely come as a surprise to many. But as she writes, she felt “led to share after recently finding out that 97 % of women have struggled with negative body image issues.” Additionally, Robertson explains that her eating disorder stemmed from something that millions of people struggle with daily: anxiety and fear. And, as is often the case with eating disorders, it developed out of a desperate need for control:

“I have heard it said that people develop eating disorders because it is something they can control in their life. That makes so much sense in my case, because during this particular time, so much in my life felt out of my control.”

Robertson reveals that her obsession with her body image became so bad that, “At least five times a day, I would wrap my hands around my thighs, making sure they hadn’t grown beyond what I could reach.” It’s heartbreaking to hear that someone as faithful and strong as Robertson struggled with something so dark, but it just goes to prove that this can happen to anyone.

But what’s even more amazing about Robertson’s post is that she doesn’t place blame on anyone for her struggle. Instead, she owns up to the fact that she had misplaced her self-worth in her social media presence and “allowed all of my ugly thoughts and insecurities to manifest a spirit of fear, jealousy and deception, and it stopped me from seeing the world around me clearly.” But when Robertson remembered that true beauty lies in the heart – and with God – she was able to overcome the disorder:

“If it means being ‘less beautiful’ in the world’s eyes, that’s okay with me. As long as I still get to seek out real beauty – the kind that is found in God’s word, and is painted out in the world before me. I will gladly lay myself down at the feet of the Creator, not only to encounter more of the beauty He created in me but to experience the creation He surrounds me with.”

What a beautiful testament and message for Robertson’s young fans: Place your self-worth in God, not in what you see in the mirror or on social media, and you’ll find true happiness.

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