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Venezuelan Lawmaker Issued Order to Assassinate Senator Marco Rubio

Those on Capitol Hill who have been following Republican Senator Marco Rubio closely noticed something different last month. The Florida lawmaker has been seen walking around with a larger security detail in D.C. and Miami.

The reason? A Venezuelan Socialist Party Leader has put out a hit on Senator Rubio.

According to the Daily Mail:

The United States government fears that a powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued an order to kill Florida Senator Marco Rubio, it was reported on Sunday.

Rubio has been assigned a beefed-up security detail in recent weeks after US intelligence reportedly learned that a former Venezuelan military chief, Diosdado Cabello, put out a hit on the Republican senator, according to the Miami Herald.

The Herald emphasizes that the US government has yet to gather information indicating the existence of a concrete plot to assassinate the former presidential candidate.

Nonetheless, the Department of Homeland Security took the precautionary step of bolstering Rubio’s security details in both Washington, DC, and his native Miami.

The DHS issued a memo in which it noted that intelligence indicated ‘an order to have Senator Rubio assassinated’ while cautioning that ‘no specific information regarding an assassination plot against Senator Rubio has been garnered thus far.’

The memo goes on to speculate that Cabello may have contacted ‘unspecified Mexican nationals’ as part of a plan to harm Rubio, though no specific evidence is cited.

Senator Rubio got into a Twitter war with Cabello just last week after a failed military rebellion.  The Cuban-American senator has been an outspoken critic of the government in Venezuela, a socialist country that has strong ties with Cuba. The assassination of Senator Rubio or any other American official would be a declaration of war by Bernie Sanders’ favorite socialist country.

The United States also recently announced sanctions on Venezuela and declared President Nicolás Maduro a dictator, while President Trump refused to take a call from Maduro and said he wouldn’t rule out military action in the country.

Conditions have been rapidly deteriorating in Venezuela the last several years. Food shortages have forced citizens to eat zoo animals and the country’s currency has been devalued to the point of being worth less than that of the video game “World of Warcraft.”

Just another socialist paradise going to hell in a hand basket.



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