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  1. Paul says:

    The first one who should go right away is Cohn, a true RAT and an enemy of conservatives

  2. poppDavid says:

    When will Trump’s followers realize that he is a politician. He is part of the swamp, and always has been a member of the ruling elite.

    When will you accept that you got snookered?

  3. Steven says:

    Sheesh. I would give the POTUS better advice then these clowns, and wouldn’t charge a dime. Nikki Haley isn’t an improvement. Once I saw her parading pics of dead Syrian children as “proof” of Assad guilt, I knew she was a clueless. She was leading the charge to go after Assad, with no actual proof that he did anything. Ron Paul said repeatedly, that in all his years in the Senate, he never saw one shred of proof Assad did anything to his people. Worldly success and accomplishment says something about a person, but if they have questionable loyalties and associates, what good are they. I think the President put far too much emphasis on choosing people who “can get things done”. We need to get the right things done, and close scrutiny would reveal that neither Tillerson or Haley pass muster. Tillerson has questionable loyalties, Haley is a light weight, easily manipulated, and clueless about the moving parts of a nefarious and clandestine global agenda.

  4. Patriot34287 says:

    President Trump, you’re doing a GREAT JOB of keeping your campaign promises. Our economic growth is record breaking, our stock market the highest in history, our unemployment are the lows, salaries are increasing, jobs are increasing, businesses are returning and opening new and additional facilities, our veterans are receiving timely care, the border wall is under construction with prototypes ready, MS-13 criminal gang members are being deported at record numbers, ILLEGALS are down, food stamps are down, housing sales are down because there is no longer a glut on the market due to the miserable OWEbama admin policies, you appointed a Constittuional jurist to the SCOTUS, the new pipelines are working, the new coal mine is working, we are exporting our first coal to the Ukraine, America is on the path to Make America Great Again thanks to you, your business acumen, and your big vision for us. If people need to be fired, so be it. Please always keep the reason you were elected in mind – you are the voice of the people ignored by the former administrations, the Congress, the establishment elites. God be with you, PRESIDENT Trump!

  5. Joe says:

    Tillerson is the only sensible major figure left.

    Of course, he’ll have to go.

    You can’t keep a dignified, thoughtful figure marching near the front of a circus parade.

    1. Joe says:

      Trump has proved a total failure in everything important.

      He also has proved a coward, what we would not have expected months ago, when faced with the real insider Washington establishment, a group any observer can see now close to totally surrounds him.

  6. Tani says:

    Unfortunately, I think we now have President McMasters and VP Gen Kelly. Trump has allowed, or doesn’t know about it, his own loyalists to be squished out. Gorka told the truth – and so did Bannon. Too bad. I liked his agenda. But I DOUBT we will ever see it happen.

  7. Dave In Arizona says:

    “Report?” Axios: founded by some folks from ‘Politico.’ Going to chalk this one up to leftist fake news.

    1. Alicia says:

      I concur Dave. they say ” a source” really? People have names. Use the names!It sounds like fake to me.

    2. LIVE FREE says:

      I agree. Politico should change its name to Politicon for the con-job they offer. Almost as bad as Facebook’s promise to stop Fake news while they prevent dissemination of facts. They are both worthless children of Big Brother.

  8. Just like Dorothy said in the movie The Wizard of Oz, “My! People come and go so quickly here!”

    This is exactly what we can say about the Trump administration. A good CEO knows how to keep good people. Trump is NOT a good CEO.

    1. LIVE FREE says:

      A good CEO also knows it’s necessary to get rid of those who work for someone else. Trump was and still is surrounded by Obammunists, especially McMAster.

  9. James says:

    I am a Trump person, but I think he should keep Rex on as Sec of Stae.

  10. QuisnosRepublic says:

    this is for Dummies 101… We hired Trump to discard old politics and get to work rebuilding this nation. Tillerson and the rest of them seem to have blinders when it comes to we the people. If they want to squeal like pigs treat them as such .The Constitution hangs by a thread and people like Tillerson who do Politics as usual we don’t need.

  11. Patrick says:

    If the President is not careful he is going to “replace” himself right out of a job. For a man who appoints and fires qualified people the way he does, I am questioning his leadership ability. The country, is not the Trump Corporation where everyone kisses his ass. He needs to listen to his advisers who may be smarter than he is on a given topic.

    1. Willard says:

      All those appointed knew what Trump’s agenda was before signing on, if they did not agree with it, then they should have said no. Trump is not going to change, he made promises that he has shown he intends to keep. He does not want to be in Afgan. but does not intend to leave a vacumn like Obama. So, the lesser of two evils is increase troops and change strategy form controlling to killing the Taliban and ISIS rebels, leaving enough military personnel to prevent their resurgence. As for replacing his-self out of a job, he has a bigger chance of the Rino’s and Democrats impeaching him. I agree that he should listen to advisers, but if the advisers were not forthcoming on their disagreement with his stated agenda, then he should fire them as, they will only advise against an agenda they disagree with.

  12. Esau says:

    Of course, Rex is pure establishment. You don’t climb to the top of the largest corporation in the world without being establishment. But Rex is ultra-establishment. He’s part of the Davos-Business Roundtable-Bohemian Grove-Bilderberg elite. I think he should go.


  13. Bob says:

    Dump Tillerson.

  14. Ed says:

    State has been a Leftist swamp for fifty years that I know of. Probably much longer. If Tillerson can’t drain it find someone who can at least try.

    1. Patrick says:

      My question is what has Tillerson done to clean house at the State Department. All of the Obama appointments and hold overs should have been fired on the first day he took over. While Hillary Clinton would have been ten times worse than Donald Trump, he is not measuring up to the leader he passed himself off to be. Get it together Mr. President or get the hell out of Dodge.

      1. Dennis says:

        Not disagreeing with you but those so-called “holdovers” are federal government employees. As such they are nearly impossible to fire. To do so is a time-consuming and onerous enterprise. I once witnessed a righteous supervisor attempt to fire a completely inept and incompetent person (his assistant) who rarely came to work on time, sometimes called in sick after lunch was finished and stuffed much of her work in a drawer we later discovered when she transferred. That work cost many people well deserved promotions. Instead of her being the one to be let go, her boss (who had meticulously recorded all of her shortcomings) was asked to retire early because she simply claimed sexual and racial “harassment” without a shred of proof. rather than try to fire this horrible employee subsequent bosses PROMOTED her just to get her transferred away!

      2. Doris says:

        Last I heard is that the State Department has two Obama leftovers erasing the word genocide from the all of the records of the Middle East. If it isn’t genocide what do we call it and why. Is Obama trying to cleanup his Legacy, and were’re paying for it,
        Please tell me I am wrong. Did we work and pray to put a Democrat into office? I am getting too old for this to be all there is. Why are all of the Republicans leaving the White House? Does Our President realize that millions of us voted for him because of his agenda. We did not vote for a Democrat. We voted for Donald Trump and his agenda. Its bad enough to vote for Republican House and Senate, only to find them voting with the Democrats. If we are going to end up with a Democrat, we should vote for one in the first place.

    2. Dennis says:

      How can any administration expect to accomplish a task as momentous as “draining the swamp” when it can not even achieve unity within?

      Loyalty works in both directions, upward to the boss and downward to the subordinates!

  15. Dennis says:

    Rex needs to go,if he cant stand 100% with the president then he needs to be shown the back door.

    1. C P says:

      Dennis, AMEN! If Mr. Tillerson cannot be in full and complete agreement with President Trump and what President Trump wants to accomplish, he needs to go. PERIOD. I am glad President Trump has the guts to fire people who he hired who haven’t turned out to be what he wanted. It’s difficult to predict the future and there’s no way Trump could know who would be the best people for the positions he hired for. NOW, he is finding out and I am glad he is letting them go as needed without fear of the stupid left and Dems/Libs attacking him for changing things up. Kudos to President Trump for rectifying bad decisions. He’s not perfect. He’s going to make mistakes but fixing them is what it’s all about. PERIOD.

      1. Trump is making too many mistakes.

    2. Patrick says:

      Tillerson is not paid to rubber stamp everything an inexperienced President proposes. His job is to advise the President. even if the recommendation may run opposite of what the President wants to do. Then his job is to carry out the President’s decision.

  16. Jeff says:

    Anyone who’s left in the administration is an “establishment thinker”. Ivanka and Jared are the 2 biggest. Bannon and friends have all been chased off…..I got news Donald – all you have left is the establishment. You’ve been standing in the swamp so long you got used to the smell. The neo-con’s newest uptick in another war in Afghanistan is proof.

    Proceed with the agenda you ran on (AND WAS ELECTED ON) and when the CONgress obstructs (both sides), let the people know come midterms who’s getting in the way of what they want and let them take care of it. Time to drain the swamps in the states too.

  17. Gordon says:

    You bet Tillerson doesn’t get it. He cannot even seem to connect the dots between terrorism and Islam. Is he (and others, now including Trump himself, for god’s sake) under some kind of spell? All terrorists are Muslim and guided by the ideology of the Qur’an. They are not a splinter group by any means. Their terrorist behavior centers around becoming martyrs and gaining entrance to paradise upon death. Tillerson is somehow blind to that fact, and for this reason alone should be fired.

  18. Holice says:

    Well, you know there is a lot of ” fake news” out there now, so how do we, the public know what to believe? I have even gotten fake news from Fox news. I read an article about week & half ago, that Shepard Smith had been fired, & came through the studio cursing & snorting. It was ALL a BIG LIE. I don’t know who started it, but they should have been fired right on the spot. This news about Sec, Tillerson may also be bogas. One thing I do believe, Mr T will fire his butt in a NY minute if he determines in his own mind that Sec. Tillerson is not “part of his team.” I would love to see someone in that office, who lets these morons in Iran, know in no uncertain terms, that we aren’t stupid, & if we find out the pwrs. that be, are being less that straight up & up with us, there will be consequences. It is time to get tuff & talk tuff & let our adversaries know where we stand.

  19. Yadja says:

    Et to Tillerson? Yepper he says what he damned well pleases and makes no bones about it. Trump should have kept his old team, K.T. McFarland, Giuliani, Gorka, Bolton and so forth and so on what he is thinking I don’t know, but he is living in the Swamp.

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