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Patricia Arquette Proposes Making Murder Illegal

Actress Patricia Arquette weighed in on gun control in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas, and had a fascinating take. While most clueless celebrities will advocate for general gun control (they can never seem to list an actual gun control measure, can they?), Arquette had an argument that’s frequently made by conservatives: Let people have guns, but make it illegal to kill people with them!

I’m paraphrasing, but as you can read below, her solution was basically a call for murder to be made illegal.

What a novel concept! Outlawing the practice of unjustifiably killing people!

Um……. Duh? It’s not like any conservative would actually disagree with what she’s saying, but it’s comical to read, as if making murder illegal was some brand new idea. If there’s a debate going on out there over the morality of homicide, it’s certainly one that I’m unaware of.

Silly as it is, Arquette’s argument is a heck of an improvement from the Twitter rants of other celebrities, like Nancy Sinatra who called for every NRA supporter to be shot by a firing squad, or Sheryl Crow who accused any politician who took money from the NRA of having blood on their hands. Still, it was hard to resist mocking Arquette:

Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t help but weigh in too, with perhaps the funniest reaction:

Finally, a bipartisan issue we can all agree on: Murder is wrong.

Except, of course, if you’re shooting Republicans. Then the media will hem and haw over what your motive was, and decline to speculate on what led you to the desperate act of trying to kill defenseless GOP congressmen on a baseball field.

The media’s just funny like that, isn’t it?



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