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  1. DeepThinker says:

    China has stated they would side with NK if the US struck the first blow. So we have to be very careful. It remains to be seen how serious KJU was in his threats. Was he just testing the waters to see if the current administration could be pushed around like the prior one? Obama told someone in NK that he would ‘have more options’ after the 2012 election. Do we know exactly what options were on the table at that time? Obviously with the Dems currently out of the running, whatever perks were headed that way did not arrive, as they surely would have if Hillary was in power.

    Donald Trump has never been one to (dare I use the term?) pussy-foot around when making a tough decision. (By the way– that means to act as an indecisive wimp. Just wanted to make that clear for the snowflakes.) Had he been of that mind set, he would never have amassed the empire he currently has at his disposal. A strong, decisive, warning in words even KJU can understand is exactly what was needed.

    But don’t be misled into thinking that hot-headed little tyrant has given up. The Asian mind-set is that it is a disgrace to ‘lose face’ and lose face is exactly what has happened for the moment. Anyone that can arrange for the assassination of his own brother in an airport hundreds of miles away has long tentacles. We still need to be very careful of the boy despot.

  2. William says:

    “I’ll be back”. Not if I can help it, fruitcake. I might just take a trip to NK and kill you personally. I”m tired of your childishness.

  3. duane.p says:

    I am ex military and hate war just like everybody else but it is like a burglar that tries to break into your home. Do you allow it or do you protect yourself against the threat. I don’t think I need to answer this for you so what Trump is doing is saying that if you come after us we will protect the American people and our allies and vice versa. Please stop wanting to be so PC with all this because it no longer works and we have to let this little prick understand that!

  4. Desert Fox says:

    26 YEARS OF MEALY MOUTHED DIPLOMACY FROM AMERICAN PRESIDENTS DIDN’T DO A THING WITH THE NK REGIME. It took a man to spell it out…there will be consequences if you act and threaten The United States. WE ARE READY TO LET KIM JONG UN SEE WHAT HELL IS LIKE.

  5. william says:

    The attack will come from the Middle East. The Far East is just a distraction. While we’re looking that way and while we’re distracted, the Middle East will find an opportunity to strike. Listen to what Iran is saying now. Is anyone covering them? Nope.

    1. William says:

      Do you think we aren’t paying attention, son? We know everything that’s going on. Most normal people tend to focus on just one thing at a time. There are those among us who can completely focus on several things and not miss a beat. Trust me, the middle east isn’t being ignored.

      1. Lamar says:

        Very true. We have satellites now that can read a one square ft. sign from 30,000 miles up, so they are being scrutinized with a very intense scroot!

  6. Johnny says:

    Maybe not just yet, but the United States needs to keep a keen eye on the little dictator, you cannot trust him no more than Obama and Clinton !!!!!

  7. Bill says:

    Yes, the US is prepared and talking tough, but ther biggest reason is China saying they would stand aside if NK fires first. China is really their only ali.

  8. Chuck says:

    North Korea’s polar orbiting satellite
    We all are concerned about the brash claims of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un that he will bring instant destruction to the United States. The main stream media has focused on his ICBM ballistic missiles, with a nuclear warhead. There has been very little discussion in regards to how North Korea might detonate Electronic Magnetic Pulse or EMP high above the United States. What has not been covered with any detail is that North Korea put a satellite into a polar orbit December 12, 2012. North Korea said it was an “Earth Observation Satellite”. As the earth revolves every 24 hours, a satellite in a polar orbit will have crossed over every square mile of the planet over time. While some portray this satellite as a disguised ballistic missile test, the true content of the satellite has never been determined. Let us hope this satellite in a polar orbit is not Kim Jong-un’s ace in the hole.

  9. Deportem says:

    There is a lot we don’t know about what has prompted fat boy and his predecessors to act the way they do. Are they simply puppets of communist China and their provocations orchestrated for reasons other than those of the North Korea? Or, does fat boy just enjoy the game of twisting the tiger’s tail and making himself look important? Hate for America is obviously a handed-down family tradition since the Korean war. We should be prosecuting and executing those who gave them nuclear capability and our missile targeting targeting technology_ Bill Clinton and other traitors. If Trump had been president when General MacArthur had outflanked the Chinese army with his amphibious landing, there would be no North Korea nor Red China today. Now, we have a serious problem on our hands.

    1. Johnny says:

      I agree my friend 100% !!!!

  10. Ralph says:

    Ralph We now have a President that has a pair TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

  11. Norman says:

    Teddy Roosevelt said “walk softly, and carry a big stick.” The rule applies here perfectly.

  12. Maybe Kim has figured out that if he does his country will be crippled and he will be dead. A diplomatic victory would be for us to leave the Korean peninsula. Is this another case of the World Bank, IMF, et all deciding that a ruler isn’t playing their game so he must be eliminated? You know, kinda like Saddam, Qadaffi, Chavez, etc? We are the chump enforcers for this corporate unelected world government? Wake up folks.

  13. Mark says:

    Looks like property values in California are safe for now. 🙂

  14. George says:

    You bet your bippy that it’s a major coup for Trump. About time that we had a President with some chops after 8 years of limp-wristed pink lines in the sand. But, of course, the MSM won’t cast it as such – I’m sure the spin will be: “The rational head of North Korea, seeing the insane war-mongering of the lunatic American President, de-escalated what appeared to be an impending world holocaust today, to the relief of all nations of the world – what a diplomatic coup for the poor, oppressed nation.” Instead of: “Lunatic dictator of North Korea blinks and hides under the table when confronted by a real US President’s resolve to roll back nuclear proliferation by rogue states that endangers world peace.”

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      You’re right on George!! Maybe this is the time for us to dso the ‘preemptive’ strike and wipe those mf’er’s out, once and for all!!

  15. Mike says:

    He slithered away until he is better prepared – the time to take him out is before he is prepared – other wise a lot of innocent people could suffer the consequences.

    1. June says:

      A good hit teem should pay this nut job a visit!

  16. Pauline says:

    Hopefully Fatso found out that we are no longer pushovers! Go, Trump!

  17. Bruce says:

    Kim Jong Un will not be happy until he looks out his window and see’s a mushroom cloud in his front yard. He is the Korean version of Nero.

  18. Pel says:

    This might not be a cowardly snake, just a reptile that decided to uncoil for now. Fortunately, the editors of the WaPo and the NYT aren’t running Mr. Trump’s head so we are confident that this president knows how to deal with rattlers. Not just “Off with the snake-head but also de-tail.”

  19. Bob says:

    When Kim Jong Un-hinged ask his generals what “game on” meant his generals informed him it meant the U.S. would bomb his sorry Pilsbury Doughboy ass into oblivion. He decided to rethink that plan.

    1. bobvelon says:

      Bob, wait until the MOAB lands in his front yard…This dictator needs to be dealt with….

  20. Curtis says:

    Kim Jung Un is just another one of history’s totalitarian cowards. Unfortunately, previous administrations have covered to his demands and given him aid. This makes Trump’s job twice as hard. If Kim thinks Trump is just another Obama he’s in for a rude awakening. Never underestimate th enemy, but I believe Kim has lived off of threatening and bullying past US administrations. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s not going to send NK more grain or cash incentives…

  21. Gilbert W. says:

    if you want to believe this go right ahead and well you set back, NK is getting bigger and stronger, and will hit us down the road, but I feel it will happen one Our Grate Leader is out of office, when America be come weak once again, with the sick Damocrats as they will give them more money and better thing and down size our Military once again, how bad this is, but it will happen, this you can count on. God Bless President Trump. but I hope he not believe them liars. how sad.

  22. Michael says:

    Slight correction: North Korea never said it was going to ATTACK Guam. They announced a missile TEST that was going to land NEAR Guam.

    Big difference (unless you work in American corporate media).

  23. Paulette says:

    KJU is the same as the playground bully. Pacify him, he keeps on attacking and will escalate. Punch him in the nose, and back up that punch, the bully will always back off and slink away. Donald Trump and his team are not shrinking violets. Sec. Matis did not reach his rank or does not get the amount of respect he does from his soldiers without reason. We should also thank God for the current end result of this situation. He has given our leaders favor, wisdom and the courage to do what was needed. I think it was Nanci Pelosi, who wanted to give KJU, a few billion to get him to back off. We can thank God that she or anyone like her was in charge of the negotiations as well.

  24. Sam says:

    One more time… Never TURN your back on a rattler !!!

    1. bobvelon says:

      Sam, they will slither up and bite you when your back is turned..You need to crush them quickly..

  25. Chuck says:

    What a welcome change from the coward-in-chief who occupied the White House from 2009-2017!

  26. Sam says:

    Never tuen your back on a rattler……

    1. Sam says:

      Not tuen; TUEN…….

  27. NeeNee says:

    BRAVO TRUMP. Just be careful Trump because Kim Jong Un may have other plans.

  28. Marilyn says:

    He finally realized he didn’t truly want to wake this sleeping giant. His people might think he is all powerful, but he knows better.

  29. Yadja says:

    Of course, when the information finally sinks into the densest of brains, that you are going to fry, the bully backs down. Same like on the playground when I was growing-up and we could knock the bully out, without fear of retribution from lawyers and there was no Radical Left. Can’t tell you how good it felt, kick the bully in the chins then give them an upper cut to the chin. Pure heaven.

  30. Eldon says:

    Too bad this country of more than 300 million couldn’t or wouldn’t face the enemy straight on and united. ONE VOICE. Starting with the Rinos and most of our two-faced leaders in both Dem and Repub partes. I would’ve expected a Military Hero, Mr “I’ve got two purple hearts” and Mr “I was held POW” would have been first in line to slap Kim upside the head… but no… they example they wanted us to follow was ? more of the same that failed starting with Clintons “good deal” with NoKorea…

  31. J Howard says:

    What would Fat Boy do if unemployed?

  32. David says:

    Well done Trump

  33. Dennis says:

    Trump spoke in words that the little fish head screwball can understand and didn’t leave any room for misinterpretation,the democrats didn’t like it but who cares what those idiots think anyway.

  34. Stefan says:

    It’s too early to celebrate.

  35. William says:

    It is important to speak the language of the leader in political affairs.
    Kim Jon’s language is that of force.
    Trump spoke to him in that language.
    He understands.

  36. Voncile says:

    I think N.Korea dictator wanted see how far he could push America,since we had already had one push over and wanted to see if maybe Trump was another push-over like Obama was,and believe you me he was a push over.and we may sooner or later have war with them

    1. Mark says:

      I believe that also. People like Kim are constantly testing the US. He knows our last president’s warnings, with their movable red lines, didn’t amount to much. Know he knows that this president and his staff aren’t blinking when they issue threats. However, we must always be vigilant. Kim is a nut and when he has missiles which can reach the US mainland, he may still use them, but not necessarily by conventional means. If he launches a nuke and detonates it some 120 miles or more above the US, it becomes an EMP bomb. That in turn releases gamma rays which fry all electrical circuits. That means the grid, gas station and utility water pumps, ATM’s, etc. would fry and not work. We still have to sharpen our pencils and make sure that we keep improving our anti-missile defense system. This is not time to sit back and just rest.

  37. Hunter says:

    Fat boy showed some smarts.

  38. Jesse says:

    Turns out FAT BOY is just a coward with a big mouth

    1. Dennis says:

      The little fish head only has two moving parts on his entire body,his mouth and his B hole and they are both interchangeable and look identical.

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