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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Esau says:

    Roger Goodell is simply incompetent. Over the last four years, he has faced one crisis after another — domestic abuse, criminal activity by players, inflate-gate, Repetitive Head Injuries Syndrome, now this kneeling mess and declining ratings and attendance — and he has failed at every single one. Every time he is called to act decisively, he displays his inner weasel skittering to one side then the other out of pure terror. Fire him.

  2. Don says:

    No more NFL for this family. When I can watch a football game that does not annoy me with political BS, I will be back. Not until.

  3. Bill says:

    The NFL will continue to tiptoe around this issue until all their sponsors drop them like a hot rock. Some sponsors have already shunned the offenders and I think many more will follow. These stupid asses will continue their ridiculous antics until they have no money in their wallets then tyhey will want us to feel sorry for them….Bull S H I T!

  4. Henry says:

    The league will become redundant soon

  5. Robert says:

    That’s FINE ! And we, the fans, can turn the channel and not go to the stadiums. Perhaps we should be supporting local football !!!

  6. Chris vhfan says:

    Trump set up Goodell again and he took the bait again this is hilarious . This was purposely designed to make Goodell look even more foolish than he already does and it worked LOL.

    Now there will be MORE kneeling than ever before and Goodell will come to the realization that he is going to have to DEMAND that players stand or the NFL is dead.

    Brilliant , got to love Trump he ALWAYS wins in the end.

  7. carolanno says:

    I find it ironic that the NFL players feel it is their right to show disrespect for our National Anthem, yet if I were to attack their beliefs and make fun of their dreadlocks I would be called a racist. The Anthem is very personal and honored by me. How dare they kneel? They are spoiled, ignorant little rats who have come this far because they happen to be football players who have been pushed along in life by colleges and pro teams who look the other way when they fail college classes, beat their girlfriends, get DUIs, etc. It all comes down to the all mighty dollar!

  8. stageangel says:

    President Trump is very a little part of this issue. It’s the American people. Keep fighting us. YOU will surely end up the losers.

  9. emerson says:

    this is all b.s. this nfl commissioner is a known loser. let’s see how fast these team
    owners and coaches get these fools up off their “knees” when they lost their tax
    advantages and NOBODY is buying tickets.

  10. Davison says:

    This whole thing is idiotic. The reason that black players and some white sympathizers kneel down and disrespect our flag, anthem, and subsequently our country, is that they despise white people and especially white police. Forcing them to stand does absolutely nothing. Won’t change their attitude one bit. In fact, unless there is a rule that states, under condition of employment, that all players will stand, put their hands over their hearts, face the flag, and be respectful, these players will simply stand, not put their hands over their hearts, not face the flag, and will be disrespectful by juking, jiving, talking, laughing, etc. The players, so far, that have taken a knee should be fired immediately. No second chance. They are a detriment to their team and the other players. There are plenty of replacements out there who would gladly respect our flag and country. But, of course that is not going to happen. Goodall and his band of cowards will destroy the league to maintain political correctness until the end.

  11. Guy says:

    Seems to me that Goodell putting out the corrective statement without first talking to the owners is political and financial suicide. It isn’t President Trump that he needs to fear (at least not solely), it’s the thousands of former NFL fans that are not supporting pro football anymore. There is nothing they can do right now to restore the former popularity of the once most-loved sport in the USA. The more they push this thing, the deeper they bury themselves.

  12. Mari says:

    Go ahead & kneel NFL thugs, we no longer watch your games & could care less what you do! You’re a bunch of whining, overpaid, racist morons!

    #BoycottNFL #BoycottHollywood

    1. emerson says:

      amen, when the advertisers realize nobody is watching and they are paying the big bucks
      to reach no one on game day, this b.s. will stop. i think they should fire any if the players
      that have participated and start over. if this is how they feel about this country let them
      go somewhere else to live.

  13. Yadja says:

    These players are irrelevant and not necessary, I feel sure if recruiters tried they could find some good patriotic White Guys with no issues, who come from Good American families and love this country. Let these rats go back to their sewers, I would happily give money for them to leave the country, since they call themselves African Americans they can go back to Africa.

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