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  1. It’s because her mouth will not move properly after all those face-lifts.

  2. Isabel D says:

    PLS keep her, we could not do with out her ! ! 2 or 3 mil votes just
    from her, could help out ! ! Dumb B ! !

  3. David says:

    Pelosi and Clinton are perfect examples of the idiot left.

  4. If YOUR fingers smelled like Hillary Clinton, you would slur, sutter, and stammer also.

  5. chefz774 says:

    Advanced alcoholism and advanced Alzheimer’s disease are NOT a good combination. Time to hang it up SanFranNan.

  6. Larry says:

    Nancy and Hillary both have one very important trait that they share. Neither one is smart enough to know when to shut-up.

  7. donald says:

    I can’t think of any thing that mouth would be good for

  8. quasimodo says:

    she is a drunk that is clear to see and should be removed from the senate!

  9. William says:

    she will funny her self out of a job….

  10. Marilyn says:

    Pucklosi is losing it more & more! I’m surprised the Demonrat’s don’t replace her before she makes them look any worse & have her committed to a dementia facility! Have to say though, she is pretty amusing to watch! LMAO!

  11. Jeff says:

    Nah…..let the lobotomite blather. Haven’t had this much fun since Dumbya Bush.

  12. Tom says:

    She has no idea of her own incompetencies. This is what I find scary and dangerous. She has always been somewhat “goofy” but now she is just plain old and feeble at best! I believe most of the dumocrats realize she can’t tie her own shoes. Time for her last flight and that is out to CA to retire.

    1. Barbara says:

      I think she is an alcoholic — high functioning. She may have been at a plateau but is now on a downward slide. She needs to dry out.

      1. stageangel says:

        I agree, she is an alcoholic. It slowly “rots brain cells.”

      2. Gordon says:

        Yeah, it reminds me of the 30s and 40s, when it was commonplace for folks to have a couple of highballs during the day and go about their business slurring their words and acting a bit daffy. If you don’t believe me, check out the Thin Man films—everybody’s half drunk in the afternoon, including the leading characters, William Powell and Myrna Loy, and that was it.

        1. 30’s and 40’s?
          Remember every time Larry Tate came over, Samanth and Darren would always shake up some cocktails and blink up lit cigarettes!

  13. RockyMT says:

    Ole Nancy will never retire…….it’s the money!

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