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  1. tiborvivi says:

    I’ve heard Moore and Mcdonnell get married soon. Such a wonderful couple… I hope they will eat themselves into the inferno.

  2. snert says:

    stupid is, as stupid does!!!

  3. drbhelthi says:

    Michael Moore is a very talented person.
    Unfortunately, his narcissism overrides his creative talents and has botched up most of his “creations”.
    He and his narcissism remind me of “wet-start” McCain. However, I am not aware that Moore´s narcissism has cost hundreds of Americans´ their lives, as has the narcissism of “wet-start” McCain.

  4. Richard says:

    Unfortunately, there is no diff between parties. They are all criminals who have sold the American people out. They all must go. We need a new government.

  5. Lamar says:

    A “…FISH out of water”…? how ’bout a beached whale? He needs to be on his knees in front of President Trump thanking him for bringing auto workers jobs back to Detroit!

  6. richard says:

    When cleaning up America by removing Clinton, Rice, Lynch, McConnell, McCain, Obama, Holder, and of course (big mouth)Waters, please don’t forget to take Michael Moore with them

  7. Sue says:

    Michael Moore is nothing more than a sweat bee that needs to be slapped.

    1. Luci says:

      His excruciatingly UGLY FACE would stop an eight-day clock from ever running again! I’ve seen better looking animals in my granddaddy’s barn yard! AND the hog lot!

  8. duane.p says:

    I wish he would STFU! He is a complete moron with no substance!

  9. tiborvivi says:

    Someone should teach this moron to a lesson; don’t play with Americans

  10. Desert Fox says:

    Two Porky Pigs Moore (who is less) and NK’s Kim Un……the look so much alike and act alike—–the real losers.

  11. Tony says:

    The great savior of Michael Moore is that if he falls on his face no one will notice the improvement.

  12. Radar says:

    You really have to feel sorry for this dumb ass.

  13. billy bob says:

    Go away, Porky. You are irrelevant!!!

  14. Pattie says:

    Michael Moore is a disgrace to this country. His antics are ridiculous and his over all attitude toward any Republican president is horrifying. So Michael go home lick your wounds and do something constructive with you life like move to another country because your are an embarrassment to America.

  15. evwimena says:

    Inquiring minds ( OLDER minds) wonder what happened to ‘The Beaver’, from the Cleaver
    Family. ” Gosh, Wally, is dad home yet “?
    If his intellect matched his girth / bulk, he would be a formidable convert to conservatism.

  16. Doris says:

    And the world breathed a collective sigh of relief and went home.

  17. Norman says:

    What’s to say? He’s one of America’s biggest and worst jokes in politics. Maybe he could move to Cuba and eat tacos the rest of his pathetic life-LOL

    1. Jerry says:

      Cut off his mashed potatoes and gravy

  18. Larry says:

    I’m surprised he stepped away from the buffet long enough to do the act.

  19. Dennis says:

    Moore is a bane upon American society, culture and politics. He never adds, only takes away! He should concentrate on getting his blood glucose levels under control and leave the rest of us alone. BTW Michael where DO you get all those spiffy ball caps?!!!

    1. Luci says:

      He even makes Al GORE look better! And, THAT is SICKENING! I apologize to YOU and myself for the image that I can’t unsee!!

  20. Carol says:

    Time for him To go back in his Hole. With him the elevator doesn’t reach the Top Floor!

    1. Lamar says:

      Yep, the elevator tries hard, but just can’t make it…

  21. Angelo says:

    Moore reminds me of N Korea Un.

    1. June says:

      Reminds me of a Muslim his way or no way! Michael was a joke his mother played on his father.

  22. Sarge says:

    Nothing Moore does is interesting or intelligent, it is always self graciating he is an over blown egotistical over weight baffon.

  23. Marc says:

    A very sad, deluded little man…very much portrays the Democrat party….

  24. Joseph says:

    This fat load of trash lucked into one genuine success and has been riding on that ever since. He’s utterly disgusting in EVERY way; physically, emotionally, what have you.

    SO glad to see this filthy fraud being outed as the untalented hack he’s always been.

  25. Bill says:

    Me, Me, Me,,,,,, – This is what Michael Moore is all about.

  26. Marilyn says:

    Poor little irrelevant man…you almost feel sorry for this dolt while he grasps as straws to keep himself afloat so he doesn’t have to give up his mansion and his cheeseburgers.

    Sure they have already closed that mess down. Sounds like a total BELLY flop.

  27. Bruce says:

    Moore, Waters, Obama, Hillary, all names of Democratic losers. Moore looks like a Mr. Potato Head stunt double.

  28. Chris says:

    ” They’re the ones who write librettos, compose poetry, paint pictures, and sing songs, all while conservatives pay taxes to support them.”

    You really are an ass, aren’t you?

    1. Norman says:

      Well, there’s a lot more than a kernel of truth in that statement, Mr. Liberal-LOL

  29. Eddie says:

    Moore would get great reviews if he just hung himself at the close of the evening.

  30. James says:

    I hope he loses a bunch of money on it. I don’t think anyone really cares much what this fat old worn out liberal communist who spews hate for America thinks.

  31. Danny says:

    “Michael Moore is a failure!”

    Tell us something we DON’T know.

  32. Timothy says:

    Ugly, fat, Marxists are no longer vogue. I hope he keeps trying to bilk capitalists by spending all his own money, preaching socialism to them, until his ultimate demise…still fat, still ugly, but now broke, in an adult high chair, sitting in his own soil and drooling…”socialism works, it works and I’m the evidence!”

  33. Yadja says:

    A fart cannot be heard in a tornado. Trump is taking this country by storm. I rest my case.

  34. Judy says:

    big fat commie hollywierd arse.

    1. June says:

      OK you listed his good points, what are his bad points other than breathing.

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