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  1. Esau says:

    Well, it’s NBC. Why would you expect anything better?

  2. Honest Observer says:

    Has the Federal Communication Commission degenerated to such an extent that there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for those who are licensed to broadcast ‘news’? Is it now permissible that they can publish outrageous lies at will without any consequences?

  3. Larry says:

    NBC, Nothing But Crap.

  4. Alicia says:

    thank you Gra. Mattis. The L>EFT relentlessly keeps their lies, in order to confuse the American citizenry and its just NOT FAIR!. Pres. Trump is practically working alone trying to get his agenda passed because the dems WILL NOT cooperate on anything and even the Reps in the Senate and House seem to be sabotaging our President. Im so ANGRY at these obstructionists. not even when the TAX CUTS will help EVE]RYONE people still lie, Pelosi & Chucky Schumer in order to discredit and hurt our country. these ANTI AMERICANS will NEVER understand and PREFER to undermine our country. It is not possible that before they screamed they wanted a Wall, immigration reform and tax cuts and now they are against everythng they so long aimed for.! What cynics and HYPOCRITES!

  5. Curtis says:

    Seventy years ago Joseph Stalin coined the term ” Useful Idiots” to describe the knee jerk supporters of his Socialist /Communist agenda. If he were alive today he would proud and amazed at how large the new crop of groupies are. See some of them right here making posts supporting the ridiculous leftist main stream media. Its not a matter of liking or not liking Trump! Americans have an obligation to hold the media to honesty, but that isn’t happening and its leading to many fake news stories. If a media outlet happens to support someone’s political point of view they seem to automatically buy into the narrative, no matter how ridiculous or outlandish the story is. We have created a generation of “Useful Idiots” !!!

    1. Alicia says:

      Curtis, YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!. As Americans we have a MORAL DUTY to hold the Media accoountable. NO MORE LIES; NO MORE CORRUPTION: DRAIN THE SWAMP MR: PRES: and MAGA!

    2. Mari says:

      “Useful Idiots” huh, that’s an oxymoron, they’re not even useful! Lol.

  6. Vc says:

    I believe in the extreme importance of a free press. I also believe that Trump and many in his admin, are extreme liars.

    1. Alicia says:

      VC, YOU are one of the useful idiots mentioned above. CITE HERe on this post,. the lies that acording to YOU indoctrinated fool, our President has said.!!! Cite THE LIES!.

      Because you know what? I can write you right now a Loooong list of the LIES and SCANDALS that HITLERY and Obama, the communists did say and carried out..! Come on, Cite Pres. Trumps’! I dare you.! LIAR!

    2. Mari says:

      Obviously you watch mainstream media & believe their lies & propaganda. You’d better wake up & stop drinking the kool-aid Vc!

  7. Paul says:

    The only fake news comes from Drumpf, the liar-in-chief, who can’t even remember what he said 10 minutes before. thank God for the first amendment and the free press, who protects us from despots and wannabe dictators.

    1. Alicia says:

      paull., you, NBC and CNN are FAKE NEWS! and again like another Troll I just responded to, cite the lies Mr. Trump has told!!!! You bunch of snowflakes.

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Sad, that it did not protect against the foreign alien, alias, Barrack Hussein Obama. A two-term occupant of the POTUS slot, neither verifiable birth certificate, proof of American citizenship nor even name at birth were published for this foreign imposter.
      However, a lawsuit revealing his non-qualification was filed by a Pennsylvania patriot, a Democrat. http://www.obamacrimes.com/p/obamas-birth-history.html

    3. Mari says:

      Gee Paul, if you had a brain you’d be dangerous, but since you don’t no worries there!

  8. Legasea35 says:

    I think president Trump should yank NBC’s license for 6 months. Then let’s see how quickly the other fake new agency start to report the real and true news.

  9. Keith says:

    Always Fake News, all the time.
    There is Zero trust in the Media at this point.

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