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Kenyan Government Worker Maryam El Maawy Taken Hostage By al-Shabab

Islamic extremists took hostage a Kenyan government worker in the southeast part of the country yesterday.

The kidnapping, which also resulted in three deaths, comes just a month before the country’s presidential elections.

While travelling with an escort, Maryam El Maawy, a top official within Kenya’s Ministry of Public Works, was taken hostage by al-Shabab militants along with her party. Al-Shabab, of course, is linked to al-Qaeda, and wish to terrorize the modern world in the name of their deity.

Al-Shabab orchestrated the kidnapping to get revenge on Kenya for sending troops into Somalia, the terrorist organization’s base of operations.

Thankfully, the Kenyan military sprung into action and rescued El Maawy and her party. Two police officers and a civilian were killed in the rescue operation.

From Reuters:

The vehicle “rolled and burst into flames during the attack”, Owuoth said, adding El Maawy had been taken for medical attention at a hospital and the plan was to airlift her to the capital, Nairobi.

Owuoth said the Islamists had escaped to Boni, a forest in the area where they are believed to have a hideout.

This story highlights the dangers of Islamic terrorism, and the need to secure America from those who wish to do us harm.

In Kenya, government officials are kidnapped by Islamic extremists, and the ensuing rescue operations result in dead police officers. That’s not the kind of country I want to live in.

Al-Shabab exists to overthrow Western governments and impose Sharia Law on the world. We can’t be too cautious when dealing with the threat they pose to our way of life.



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