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Malia Obama Filmed Dancing at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama is back at it, embarrassing our country with her deviant behavior even after her father has left the White House.

Over the weekend, the former First Daughter was spotted at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. But rather than enjoy the festivities peacefully, she decided to act out, dropping any sense of shame and dancing like a deranged fool.

From TMZ:

Barack’s oldest daughter let her hair down in Chicago Friday night at Lollapalooza … but especially while The Killers were playing. We’re told she was with her friends backstage for most of the set, but came out to the general area to dance later.

And dance she did … and headbang … and roll around in the grass.

Her “dance moves” resemble the contortions of a demonically possessed creature, without all the cool Latin chanting.

Even if this was just youthful exuberance without any illicit substances involved, it’s still a shameful way to behave in public.

To add to the strangeness of this whole event, Malia’s floor-flopping antics were performed on August 4th, a day recently designated as “Barack Obama Day” in Illinois.

On a day meant to honor her father, Malia thought it was best to jam out to rock tunes while rolling around in grass and mud. To borrow a phrase from her dad, Malia may find it appropriate to behave like a crazed delinquent, but that isn’t who the rest of us are.

If you remember, Malia attended the same music festival last year, where she was caught “grinding” (slang for aggressively rubbing her body up against others) on her fellow concert attendees:

What is seriously happening to our country? Why do our young people act so distastefully in public?



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