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  1. Timothy says:

    The national press [the one that’s been not giving the truth to the American people since the 1960’s, maybe earlier] doesn’t miss the least opportunity or opening to tear at this president like a pack of wild dogs, whenever their narrative is in jeopardy. This press started taking its turn to socialism back when Eisenhower was president, but it was difficult to rip the guy who was supreme allied commander and hero of WWII. Anybody since, who did not play ball with the globalists [Ike called it the “military industrial complex”], who opposed setting us up for the NWO or One World government or attempted to operate his administration in accordance with the constitution, has been vilified, lied about and in some cases assassinated or had an assassination attempted. The precursor to killing a sitting president, is to completely destroy him in the press and in the case of Trump, people like Soros outright buy violent demonstrators against him, which in turn shows him to be enough of an enemy to become violent. Now when the globalist kill him…it was done by some lone, crazed nut or patsy like Oswald and the socialist press will color the event as though he had it coming to one degree or another, because look how mad he makes people. The press is either making up news or show us a video of Tillerson actually saying what they claim.

  2. Mark says:

    Bolton has a lot of experience and unlike Hillary, won’t sell the U.S down the river, like selling U.S. uranium to Russia, collecting money as the Clintons did ($500k for Bill from a Kremlin bank in Russia and $2.5mm from a Canadian with ties to the mine’s sale).

  3. Mark says:

    Blow up North Korea. But only after they have launched a missile destroying California first. That way you get to kill two enemies with one stone!

  4. Ivanka Frump says:

    Trump is really dumbing down his administration.

  5. Robert says:

    John Bolton may be the most knowledgeable person in the US regarding foreign affairs. He is also a plain-talking straight shooter. I think he would be a great SecState..

    1. Eugene says:

      I have had my eye on BOLTON for years now, and couldn’t for the love of me, understand why TRUMP didn’t choose him for Secretary of State at the “GIT-GO” !!!!!!!!
      Bolton’s no-nonsense, and long experience in Foreign Affairs makes him the PERFECT man for the job.
      I personally think that the “REX” kerffuffle is just “Fake News” and instigated by the enemies of TRUMP, but let’s see where it goes !!!!!

  6. Dorothy says:

    I have always liked John Bolton and wondered why he was not in the cabinet. However, I trust Trump to make the best decisions whatever that may be… He is MY President!!

    1. Ivanka Frump says:

      take him away…. he is a moron

  7. Don says:

    He met with Lindsey Graham a few days ago while the media was swarming over the Tillerson “moron” comment. I wouldn’t count him out as Secretary of State but he probably doesn’t want to be in Trump’s cabinet. Its a dead end job.

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