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James Comey Caught Posing for Photos Prior to Testimony

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey participated in his much-anticipated testimony before the Senate following his abrupt firing by President Trump.

While most people are focusing on Comey admitting that there is no Russian “hacking” scandal, and the fact that President Trump is not and was not under any investigation, something else is catching people’s eyes.

James Comey testimony

In video captured by Fox Business, Comey can clearly be seen posing for reporters for photographs, basking in the media attention he has received since being fired by President Trump.

Check out the video below:

Comey clearly sees himself as a rockstar and eagerly testifies before Congress every chance he gets. The former FBI Director loves the television coverage he gets, and sees his testimony as a performance to the entire nation.

So far, his actual testimony has provided little ammunition for Democrats, as Comey revealed he was never pressured to drop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn. Instead, we did learn that Loretta Lynch pressured him to refer to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server as a mere “matter,” rather than a criminal investigation.

While Comey gets the rockstar treatment from the press, they will continue to ignore the substance of his testimony, that all of the wild conspiracies about Trump and Russia are false.



Do you think Comey considers himself a rockstar? Do you trust his testimony? Share your thoughts below!