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Report: Russia’s 2016 Election Hack Designed to Hurt Clinton

Ever since Hillary Clinton’s historic loss to Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election, the left has been using every excuse imaginable to blame her defeat on anything other than their flawed candidate.

For months, liberals have been accusing President Trump of Russian conspiracies to “hack” the election, without offering any proof to substantiate such claims.

Now, a new report claims that the Russians had nothing to do with then-candidate Trump, but instead wanted revenge against Hillary Clinton for interfering in the Russian elections.

From The Daily Caller:

U.S. intelligence overhead a Russian operative brag about targeting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming 2016 presidential election as payback for an “influence campaign” the former secretary of state ran against Vladimir Putin five years earlier.

Senior intelligence officials told Time that a Russian military intelligence officer with GRU said his group “was going to cause chaos in the upcoming U.S. election” to “pay Clinton back for what President Vladimir Putin believed was an influence operation she had run against him” during Russian elections.

In December 2011, protests broke out in 70 Russian cities “organized on social media by a popular blogger named Alexei Navalny, who used his blog as well as Twitter and Facebook to get crowds in the streets,” Time reported.


This report completely shoots down the liberal narrative that Trump and Putin were colluding with one another to influence the 2016 election.

The left will certainly spin this as Putin interfering in a U.S. election, but likely will ignore the crucial point: there is still no evidence at all that Russia had anything to do with the election. The report is nothing more than Obama officials claiming they overheard the Russians wanted to do something.

This report should vindicate President Trump, but don’t expect Democrats and the liberal media to ever mention this story as it will destroy their entire Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that they have peddled ever since Election Day.

It’s been months, and there still has been zero evidence at all that Russia “hacked” the election, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Do you believe this report vindicates President Trump? Is he owed an apology from the left? Share your thoughts below!