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White House Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn Could Soon Resign

On Friday, The Hill reported President Trump was avoiding making eye contact with Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn while they were in the same room at the White House.

I understand why this might be true. Cohn publicly threw Trump under the bus in the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy.

If you remember, Cohn criticized Trump for his Charlottesville response, telling the Financial Times that he was torn between staying in his current job and leaving the Administration. But let’s be real: If Cohn couldn’t see that both sides in Charlottesville were violent and aggressive, then perhaps he should step down.

Now it’s being reported that President Trump is fed up. One source confirmed to Reuters that Trump actually “hates” Cohn and wants him gone.

For now, Cohn is staying put, painting an amicable portrait of himself and the president. But tension is reportedly high in the West Wing.

I’ve always questioned why Cohn is in the White House to begin with. He’s a Democrat who has donated money to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He sounds like a mole.

As for Charlottesville, the President condemned violence by all parties. Local officials and police allowed the protesters to get out-of-control. President Trump is not responsible for what happened. If you’re a White House employee, you either support our president or leave. Former White House strategist Steve Bannon agrees:


Cohn is a fluke in the eyes of many, and the president has undoubtedly recognized that fact. Just because you have a degree in economics doesn’t always mean you give sound advice. Remember: You’re not dealing with a dummy when you’re dealing with our president.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Trump got rid of Cohn. It seems as if Cohn wants to be famous more than make our country great again. Fire him, President Trump, and let’s move forward.



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