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  1. Brian says:

    OKAY lets take these points one at a time.
    1) Trump has not raised taxes… YES HE HAS and he is trying to raise them even more to pay for more corporate welfare.
    2) Food prices have not YET quadrupled but they are well on their way to being far more than four time higher… think more like ten to twenty times more expensive. Just basic math. Farmers have to pay more to attract ANYONE to harvest which means they raise their price, which then gets passed down, ALONG WITH A HUGE profit increase, to the consumer. ALREADY fresh produce is two to three times what it was just 8 months ago.
    3) Actually it was the REPUBLICANS that left those men there, denying them CINGRESSIONAL budget increases to pay for better security… that has already been admitted by GOP Congress persons. Decisions about Benghazi never reached anywhere CLOSE to either Hillary or Obama.
    4) Trump has given our military secrets to the Kremlin, a far larger and deadlier opponent than China is.
    5) NO-ONE Shriveled the military which is and has ALWAYS been the most pre-eminent military force on the planet. America spends more than the next TWENTY FIVE nations combined and you call that being shriveled? ARE YOU HIGH? America could put military spending at ZERO for the next decade and STILL have the best, most trained, most technologically advanced military on the globe.
    6) Obama saved the economy thanks. Trump on the other hand has proven he is nothing but a complete disaster when it comes to economic matters having multiple bankruptcies as well as other business interests that operate at a constant DEFECIT. He has not a single profitable American business, can not get a single loan from ANY American financial institution after having defaulted on multiple loans, has planned the demise of thousands of jobs and small businesses.
    7) Trump has indeed violated the Constitution when he went on national television and committed treason. OR when he went on television and declared his desire to radically alter the Constitution, eliminating whole sections of it. HE declared war on America and now is whining that Americans are not going to take it lying down. That we will FIGHT to defend this nation and the Constitution against his fascist ideology.

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