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  1. I wonder if the demonstrators had the opportunity to see Anthony Wiener (and his new 10 year old girlfriend) since Bill Clinton has been banned from masterbating in the Capitol Building’s fountain since March.

  2. quasimodo says:

    i say take all the kids in the daca give them a criminal histories check and anyone with more then a traffic ticket kick off the list, then give them a path to citizenship and deport every single illegal immigrant left! make it impossible for an illegal immigrant to get social services or a job in this nation by putting e-verify and e-mandate in to mandatory use! offer the liberal progressives the daca kids amnesty for them agreeing to fund and build the border wall and putting e-mandate and e-verify into use, dems will go for it because they get some where below 800,000 new liberals to add to their roster and we get to deport every single person that cant prove they are a citizen!

  3. Brenda says:

    DACA is an illegal criminal law,it is a crime and illegal against all american taxpayers who were FORCED to government support the daca children and their parents, by the millions,food stamps, medicaid, free,housing,free education A SERIOUS CRIME IMPOSED ON ALL TAXPAYERS BY OBAMA,then the parents produced more kids to support to live free off taxpayers THE PURPOSE OF THESE ILLEGALS WERE TO VOTE FOR OBAMA TO GET HIM ELECTED A SECOND TERM, so another crime called voter fraud committed. OBAMA PUT ILLEGALS FIRST OVER AMERICAN/TAXPAYERS, A TRUE CRIME AGAINST AMERICANS

    1. friend you got that right”””’on target

    2. David says:

      Brenda you said it all……………………

  4. snert says:

    just curious, i came here as an immigrant, and went through the procedure to become an American citizen…why can’t they do the same, instead of demanding rights, they don’t have!!!

    1. Tom says:

      Yeah, exactly! Obviously you are a person of dignity and I commend you for being forthright. As you may know, many of these people have focused on entitlement. When Obama handed these people amnesty with the “stroke of a pen” any thoughts of going to the end of the legal immigration line to become legal vanished. They are here illegally but a large group of Americans say “it’s not their fault” Our country better be very careful that we do not create a large surge of illegal immigration by
      mishandling DACA and/or reform!! Once again, your post is encouraging. Thank you!

    2. Marilyn says:

      Good point snert! Most of them have had plenty of opportunity to do just what you & many other legal immigrants have done but they’d rather whine, complain, demand & protest than do the right thing!

      1. Brenda says:

        HAD THESE MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS FILED AND GOT citizenship then they would not have been given free food stamps, free medicaid, free educations, free lunches, free books, free housing so they benefited more by remaining illegals, having more kids to put on medicaid food stamps enjoying the good life of getting free off people obama called stupid/american/taxpayers quite frankly it was stupid of us to allow obama get away with these crimes against taxpayers. DACA IS AN ILLEGAL LAW, IT IS ILLEGAL TO FORCE TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR SUPPORT OF ILLEGALS. ILLEGAL IS A CRIME….DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS AND CUT OFF ALL FREE GOVERNMENT HELP,WHY DO THEY COME IN FIRST PLACE TO LIVE FREE DRINK BEER TAKE DRUGS WATCH TV FREE OFF TAXPAYERS

    3. Larry says:

      Snert, THANK YOU for doing it the right way. The United States has always welcomed those that choose to immigrate legally. You took the time, effort, and expense to do it right. We are proud of you and the choice you made. Again, THANK YOU.

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