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  1. Ed says:

    US feminist= abortion on demand, lesbianism and free stuff. Nice. A movement we can all be proud of, isn’t it?

  2. snert says:

    American feminists love women, except all those with opposing views, who they hate and despise!!!

  3. Hazel says:

    If you want to see real women you will have to go to almost any other country in the world other than America. Take Israel, every person upon reaching the age of 18, including women are in the military, yes it is mandatory. A lot of other countries are the same. In America, 18 year olds are having fun marching and tearing down America. They want free birth control, men’s jobs, “even if they are not strong enough to do it”, They run around looking like clowns, blocking roads, wearing pussy’s as hats, and they really believe they are making a difference. The best thing our President could do is bring back the draft and include females. It would get 18-year-olds off the street and into employment.It would make men and women out of weak crying babies. I am ashamed of the way these few uneducated people make America look. And it is getting worse.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Totally ashamed of these “feminists” & celebs like Ashley Judd who claimed she is a “nasty woman” in the women’s march at the inauguration of Trump. These liberal POS’s make us real women look bad but DO NOT represent the majority of American women just the young, ignorant liberal left!

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