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Chelsea Clinton Thanks White House Staff, Leaving Off Interns

If I lived in a penthouse apartment designed after the stylings of Louise XIII, I’d have pretty high-brow tastes.

President Trump is taking some heat over a report that he referred to the White House as a “dump.” At his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president expressed disapproval for the White House’s state of disrepair.

To be fair, it’s hard keeping up appearances in a nearly 200-year-old building. So it’s easy to see why the proprietor of a company specializing in luxury hotels may be unimpressed with centuries-old furnishings.

But, spotting a time to offer an opinion nobody asked for, Chelsea Clinton decided to weigh-in on Trump’s comments. So she tweeted the following:

There’s just one group of White House workers conspicuously missing. Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a hint: It’s her father Bill’s favorite type of employee.

Still don’t get it? Just think: What does the word “Monica” bring to mind?

Interns, of course!

Chelsea probably doesn’t want to mention interns given her father’s scandalous past with them in the Oval Office. Understandable as that is, she should at least refrain from attacking the president when her family’s history is such a punchline.

Not very bright, Chelsea!

Perhaps it’s better if you lay off Twitter. It would do you and the country some good.

In other news, Melania Trump was sure to thank White House interns earlier this week.

Now that’s what I call classy!



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