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Chelsea Clinton Is Mocked for Mentioning Moms in Prison Program

Poor Chelsea Clinton. Poor, poor Chelsea Clinton.

Every time she opens her mouth, she gives the world a new reason to mock her.

The latest embarrassment comes from Twitter, Chelsea’s preferred form of humiliation.

The Young Clinton tweeted out the following:

Chelsea had to have seen it coming. After all, the slogan of Donald Trump’s campaign was “lock her up.”

For the past few years, all any Republican talked about was sending Hillary to jail for her various crimes: using a private email server as Secretary of State, peddling influence out of the corrupt Clinton Foundation, helping usher in the Benghazi crisis, being an overall incompetent bureaucrat feeding nonstop at the trough of government dollars.

Well, the jokes came fast. Take a look:

Poor Chelsea. Liberals need to stop focusing on Trump’s Twitter account and do something about Chelsea’s. She’s not doing the Democrats any favors by reminding everyone how clueless the Clinton Clan is.



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