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mohamed noor justine damond

An atrocity occurred Saturday evening in Minneapolis when Officer Mohamad Noor fatally shot unarmed Justine Damond outside her home in one of the city’s safest neighborhoods – and the mainstream […]

Klaus Eberwein suicide

Over the past decades, there have been many conspiracy theories about people who were close to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt political enterprise who then died due to suicide or […]

susan rice

Susan Rice was scheduled for a closed-door testimony Tuesday before the┬áHouse Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence concerning allegations that she “unmasked” associates of President Trump during the Russia probe. However, […]

caitlyn jenner senate

Donald Trump shocked the entire world when he was elected president, so it’s no surprise that more celebrities are considering following in his footsteps and entering the political realm. On […]

Familia funeral apartment

During last week’s funeral for Officer Miosotis Familia, a mother of three who was assassinated in a mobile command center vehicle in the Bronx, a teenager taunted the police by […]

Peter Smith dead suicide

Famous GOP political operative Peter W. Smith, who attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s criminal emails from computer hackers, was just found dead. Now, records show he committed suicide. According to […]

Belichick shirt terrorist

Bill Belichick went to Nantucket and all he got was a lousy liberal complaint about his t-shirt. When New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick posed for a picture with a […]

poppy harlow

Proving once again that CNN only employs the best and the brightest, anchor Poppy Harlow apparently didn’t recognize the “Star Spangled Banner” on Thursday, instead mistaking it for the French […]

At age 92, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter collapsed during a trip to Winnipeg, Canada. He was there to promote Habit for Humanity, and is now reciving medial attention. This […]

Rock, rap, and country star Kid Rock has been hinting he may run for Senate against Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow. Well, speculation just hit high gear. The singer just tweeted […]

Washington capitol lockdown

Due to a reported shooting, the state capitol campus in Washington state is on lockdown. Police are advising employees to stay indoors. Capitol campus on lockdown with police activity at […]

Putin wear Trump ties

This sums it up perfectly… Ha ha! Russian President Vladimir Putin sometimes wears President Trump’s ties. But after Trump’s first offiical meeting with Putin, Trump proved to the world that […]