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michelle obama lunch

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch mandates have been imposed on school districts across America. With strict calorie limitations, schools were stuck between giving up federal funding or […]

mattis goes to work

President Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis earned his nickname “Mad Dog” through his years of hard work and service to America. He is relentless when it comes to completing […]

Trump's motorcade

Just before the weekend, President Donald J. Trump was traveling in his motorcade from the airport to his Florida home, Mar-A-Lago. But as they passed along Southern Boulevard, one of […]

chess player hijab

Nazi Paikidze is the current U.S. Women’s chess champion. And when Iran demanded she wear a hijab, she just took a giant stand for women’s rights and liberty. This isn’t […]

Democrats received Iraq money

The media has been obsessed since day 1 of President Donald J. Trump’s administration about Russia. The far left have claimed the “Election has been hacked!” and they demanded recounts, […]

After a long struggled with cancer, Brenda Buttner – the host of Fox News’ “Bulls and Bears” – has died. She was only 55. Buttner joined Fox News in 2000, […]

I was surprised to find this tip in my email box – Obama, the 5th Best President in American History?! Well, read on to find out why… Yep, sounds about […]

President and Mrs. Trump went to Melbourne, Florida this weekend for a big rally with supporters. First Lady Melania introduced her husband and opened the rally by leading the crowd […]

Omar Abdel-Rahman,

Omar Abdel Rahman aka the “Blind Sheikh” was a terrorist scumbag believed to be responsible for the planning of the first World Trade Center bombing that took place in 1993. […]

Chelsea Clinton

Wow, the Clinton ladies are REALLY failing at Twitter these days. Or maybe it’s just that it’s so easy to make fun of a family of immoral, corrupt losers. Probably […]

defund planned parenthood

After some hesitation, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives changed direction and repealed an Obama-era regulation which blocked every state from defunding Planned Parenthood. This is fantastic news, and a great […]

fox news investigation

It has been a tumultuous year for Fox News Channel. With harassment accusations, Megyn Kelly’s dramatic departure, and major shakeups at the popular television news network, things have been rough. But […]