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mike ditka nfl kneelers

Former NFL player and legendary coach of the Chicago Bears Mike Ditka said during the Monday Night Football pregame show that he does not support the NFL players who continue […]

beavercreek bar nfl anthem

Most would assume that bars pulling NFL games from their television lineup would hurt their business. But in Beavercreek, Ohio, Bill DeFries, owner of Beef O’Brady’s and a retired Marine, […]

We’ve been given the patriotic reasons for opposing some NFL players constant disrespect for the national anthem. And we’ve been given the business explanation as to why it’s a bad […]

bill clinton hates hillary book

We aren’t the only ones who despise Hillary Clinton’s new book.¬†Reportedly, Bill Clinton hates it, too. According to author Edward Klein, who has written several books about the Clintons and […]

donald trump birth control

The Trump Administration announced new rules Friday that expand the religious exemption¬†for employers who don’t want to provide insurance coverage for certain birth control methods due to moral objections. The […]

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack, numerous questions have been raised while very few answers have come to light. One such mystery would include the speed at which […]

taylor swift flowers las vegas

Taylor Swift is no stranger to making kind, unexpected gestures, and she recently did something extremely thoughtful to show her support for our men and women in blue. Following the […]

arizona shooting casa grande

At least four people were fatally shot in Casa Grande, Arizona, today. Arizona police have responded to the quadruple homicide in 400 block of W. 13th Street. Casa Grande is […]

Ben Berkon trump

The media isn’t even trying to hide its anti-Trump hatred anymore. It wasn’t so long ago that the media only skewed its coverage and conducted biased polls. Now, after President […]

stephen paddock lollapalooza

Details continue to emerge about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, and TMZ is reporting that he booked two hotel rooms overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago this past August. […]

Here’s a story of heroism from the Las Vegas massacre – and there were many – that you might not have heard details about yet. A haunting image seen around […]

nick ayers purge anti-trump republicans

Nick Ayers, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, is sick and tired of Republican congressional leaders who are actively working against President Donald Trump, and he suggested to […]