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dana milbank trump

+ On a daily basis, we have watched liberals suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their hatred of President Donald Trump is why the president stays front-and-center of every news cycle. […]

hillary clinton blames white women

The Hillary Clinton blame game reached critical mass over the weekend when the two-time failed presidential candidate implied that she lost the 2016 election because women – particularly white women […]

criminal alien gang member removal act

The House on Thursday passed legislation that would make membership in a criminal gang grounds for deportation. The bill, called the¬†Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, passed 233-175. Pleased the […]

hillary clinton electoral college

As Hillary continues her blame game book tour, she’s adding another complaint to the list – the Electoral College. What a sore loser! It’s just like a liberal to want […]

anthony scaramucci paternity test

The divorce between former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and his estranged wife Deirdre Ball has taken an unexpectedly nasty turn. Reportedly, “The Mooch” wants a paternity test for […]

Mercedes Schlapp white house

Now that General John Kelly is President Trump’s Chief-of-Staff, he is shaking up the West Wing. And it was just announced that he made his first high-profile appointment to the […]

beyonce climate change

As another major hurricane barrels towards the United States, celebrities and other organizations have gotten togther to to raise money for victims of these storms. After Hurrianes Irma and Harvey, […]

nancy pelosi Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Pelosi bot malfunctioned again. House Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was at it again with her verbal flubs, this time slurring her words during a speech honoring the U.S. […]

national guardsman mike pence threatened

A National Guardsman was arrested Saturday for threatening to kill Vice President Mike Pence before his visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania. Witnesses reportedly overheard William Robert […]

dairy queen sign god trust

Last week, Facebook user Ashley Coleman posted a photo to the official Dairy Queen Facebook page, imploring them to speak with the franchise owner of a Wisconsin Dairy Queen because […]

shooter puyallup washington

In downtown Puyallup, Washington, multiple law enforcement agencies are responding to an active shooter. The horrifying situation is taking place now at the 320 block of East Pioneer Ave. The […]

gowdy trump dossier

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is speaking out to The Daily Caller, saying that he believes the Democrats are “fearful” the infamous dossier on President Donald Trump is a “piece of […]