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Bill O’Reilly Returns to the Airwaves – Here is Where You Can Find Him

Bill O’Reilly was the most popular cable news host for years, but was abruptly let go by Fox News last week and received a whopping $25 million payout. His show was the most successful – and profitable – in cable news history.

But now, O’Reilly has a major announcement: He’s coming back to the airwaves!

bill oreilly returns

According to Bill O’Reilly’s website, he will now be hosting a podcast, beginning today at 7pm Eastern. The announcement reads, “MONDAY: “The NO SPIN NEWS RETURNS.”

I didn’t expect this news:

bill oreilly returns

The announcement of “no spin news” is a version of his catchphrase, “You’re about to enter the no spin zone.”

Fox News paid out at least $13 million to five women as settlements, in response to sexual harassment allegations. At first we were told that O’Reilly took an extended Easter vacation. But instead, we learned that last week’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor was the last.



According to media reports, it is unclear what O’Reilly plans to do beyond his podcast. Future networks where he may land in the future include Newsmax, One America News Network, and Sinclair Broadcasting.

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