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Alexa is a freelance writer and communications consultant, with experience working on the Hill, at the RNC, and for National Review. She is based in Northern Virginia and blogs at AlexaShrugged.com. Follow her on Twitter @AlexaShrugged.

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Malcolm Orr shooting

If anybody needs a reminder of the violent threats police officers face every moment of every day they need to see this incredible video. On New Year’s Day 2016, South […]

EAV Barbell Club police

A far-left gym owner in Atlanta isn’t backing down from his hateful message for cops and troops. Jim Chambers, the owner of the EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, caused outrage […]

detroit mayor felony

How bad are things in Detroit? They’ve taken to recruiting felons to run for mayor! That’s right – 4 of the 8 candidates in Detroit’s mayoral primary coming up on […]

obama boy scout priest joke

Former (I love saying that) President Barack Obama has always been arrogant. He acted as though he thought he was the smartest person in the room at all times. He […]

pickle trump letter

What started out as a sweet, innocent letter from a child to the president was twisted into something evil by the left. The explanation was simple enough. Press Secretary Sarah […]

trump boy scout

President Donald Trump is no Boy Scout – but the Scouts have clearly adopted him as one of their own. President Trump addressed a large and boisterous crowd of 40,000 […]

Emily Leehan vows

A new stepmom made the 4-year-old son of her Marine husband break down in tears over the weekend. No, this is not one of those “evil stepmother” stories – quite […]

Familia funeral apartment

During last week’s funeral for Officer Miosotis Familia, a mother of three who was assassinated in a mobile command center vehicle in the Bronx, a teenager taunted the police by […]

Belichick shirt terrorist

Bill Belichick went to Nantucket and all he got was a lousy liberal complaint about his t-shirt. When New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick posed for a picture with a […]

CNN fallen 13

CNN is probably having the worst 2 weeks of any news media outlet in modern times. Now, this is not to say that CNN hasn’t had significant problems before the […]

Steve Scalise hospital

It appears Rep. Steve Scalise is not out of the woods yet. The Republican Congressman who was hit by a leftist would-be assassin’s bullet last month is still struggling to […]

A parable about the dangers of communism creeping in America – do you think it could happen here? If you see that all of this wonderful government “help” is a […]