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You Won’t Believe How Turkey Responded To President Obama’s Demand That They Close Their Border


President Obama was publicly humiliated by the country of Turkey, when officials responded to American demands that they close off their border to stop the flow of ISIS recruits into Syria.

The White House, seemingly admitting that secure borders are a good thing, pressured Turkey to deploy thousands of troops to their 60-mile long border with Syria.

In response, Turkey implied that maybe the president shouldn’t be lecturing them on border control, when the U.S. can’t stop their own flow of illegals from Mexico.

Via the Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama wants Turkey to close its 60-mile-long border with Syria to end the influx of new Islamic State fighters pouring into Syria and Iraq.

If Turkey acquiesces to Obama’s demands, no entry points will remain between the two countries. The entire border is 550 miles long, The Wall Street Journal reports.

But a Turkish official quickly pointed out to The Wall Street Journal the irony in Washington’s call to close off the border, given the U.S. is completely unable to stop flows in and out of Mexico.

A U.S. official, angered by Turkey’s insinuation, responded that they would “close that border” if America were at war with Mexico.

In the meantime, the White House will remain content allowing illegals into the country that kill innocent Americans, or even smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels which are later used to kill border patrol agents.

Comment: Should the Obama administration be lecturing any country on securing their borders when they are unwilling to close their own? Share your thoughts below.