Woman Dies After Obamacare Delayed Life-Saving Cancer Treatment


Sadly, Obamacare has officially claimed its first victim:

A cancer-stricken Nevada woman whose health insurance coverage was delayed due to enrollment troubles with her state’s Obamacare-mandated health care exchange has died.   Linda Rolain, who has battled an aggressive brain tumor but didn’t receive insurance coverage until it was too late — despite numerous attempts to enroll in Nevada’s problem-plagued insurance exchange — succumbed to her cancer Monday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.   Rolain, who was 64, first attempted to sign up for health insurance in November 2013 through Nevada Health Link, the health insurance marketplace for the state of Nevada setup under the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, but experienced “repeated” sign-up problems, according to the Review-Journal.   Rolain ultimately was able to purchase a plan that was supposed to take effect in March 2014. But her effective coverage date was delayed due to numerous communication problems with Xerox, the company contracted by the exchange to conduct enrollment.   The delay became a serious problem for Rolain and her family after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2014.

Mrs. Rolain may be the first, but unfortunately she certainly won’t be the last person who will die due to problems with the Obamacare exchanges. This is only the tip of the iceberg. A Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General report came out the day after Mrs. Rolain’s death saying that there were 2.6 million unresolvable data inconsistencies in Obamacare sign ups between October and December 2013. This means that those applications cannot be processed and those people do not have coverage.

How many of them are dealing with serious and deadly health conditions and are struggling to get the health care coverage they need and think they have? How many more will die because of Obamacare? More proof Obamacare is dangerous — and even deadly — to your health.

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