Will The Left’s Overreach On Critical Race Theory Prove To Be Their Downfall?

critical race theory opposition

It was bound to happen, indeed it happens to almost every successful social or political movement: the overreach. I am sure for many on the left, they believed there were no limits to their ability to reshape America.

In the left’s defense, it is easy to see how many on the left would believe that there were no limits for them. The rise of cancel culture; the complete takeover of academia, the deep state, Hollywood, the media, and pop culture; drag queen story hours; men participating in women’s sports; the vilification of American iconography and history; and the scourge of woke capitalism, the left’s list of recent successes are impressive and terrifying.

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It’s not that the right has simply acceded to the left on these issues, the foundation of the rise of President Trump and the America First right was centered on fighting back – in a way the establishment GOP has been unwilling to do.

Despite the best efforts of the new populist right, the hard left has continued to rack up win after win in almost every corner of American life.

It finally appears, however, that the left has overreached and conservatives are poised to enjoy their first major cultural victory in years.

Even more important than a rare victory in the culture wars is, where this victory is happening – in our public schools – is even more important.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the destructive, divisive and historically inaccurate theory that teaches that the US was founded on racism and that white people are inherently racist.

Critical Race Theory doesn’t seek a color blind society – like one envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King – indeed, it seeks the exact opposite – a society where every single decision is motivated almost exclusively by race.

Until recently, Critical Race Theory has been confined to the opinion pages of left-wing rags like The New York Times and college campuses. The left, however, wasn’t content with simply trying to persuade adults, instead choosing to push Critical Race Theory in public schools in a Maoist attempt to indoctrinate an entire generation of Americans.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the discussions about race that followed, school boards across the country began approving curricula that incorporated teachings directly from the Critical Race Theory playbook.

Unfortunately for the left, Critical Race Theory is not only overwhelmingly unpopular – even in blue leaning counties – the idea that schools are teaching children to hate themselves or hate other children under the auspices of “equity” has fired up parents all across the country.

Indeed in Loudon County, Virginia, a wealthy exurban county that went for Joe Biden in 2020 with over 60% of the vote, a majority of voters support recalling their entire school board over its support and implementation of Critical Race Theory in their schools.

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It’s not just in northern Virginia. In counties and states all across the country conservatives are pushing back and finding success.

Bills to ban teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools have been introduced in half of US states and CRT is now banned in Florida, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, Iowa and Oklahoma. With more and more states being added to the list every single week.

Critical Race Theory and the backlash from parents could be an electoral albatross around the neck of Democrats. Indeed, the Governor’s race in Virginia – a once red state that is now reliably blue – could be the proverbial canary in the coal mine for Democrats when it comes to the political fallout from CRT: Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin is tied with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and analysts believe that the fight over CRT in places like Loudon County could tip the race in favor of Youngkin.

Democrats – sensing the growing political peril – have gone from defending Critical Race Theory to now claiming that Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a creation of conservatives.

In Virginia, McAuliffe has gone as far as to claim that CRT is a “right-wing conspiracy.”

Conservatives need to continue to press on Critical Race Theory and force every Democrat running for office at every level take a position on the poisonous ideology.

Further, conservatives should learn a valuable lesson from this rare victory in the culture wars:  all is not lost, we can and must continue to fight for the future of our country and our culture.