Why This House Of Disney Fans Canceled Disney+ And Said Goodbye To Mickey

I recently canceled my Disney+ subscription. It was a hard decision to make. As a mother of a five-year-old and a two-year-old, there is a wealth of great entertainment that they love.

My daughter loves the National Geographic specials; my little boy is, of course, a lover of Mickey Mouse and his amazingly fun Club House. Then, of course, my husband and I enjoy all of the Star Wars and Marvel content.

But after the release of the Reimagine Tomorrow: LGBTQ+ Employees, Leaders, and Allies Get Disney Real campaign and Disney Corporation’s admonishment of the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, I felt compelled to bid Mickey farewell.

Yes, I dared, as a free woman who makes my own living, pays my own taxes, and raises my own kids, to decide to take my money elsewhere.

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The Reaction I Got

This drew ire from a follower on one of my social media sites who said:

“It is too easy for people like you who doesn’t even have a child in public school to get on your high horse and dump on any institution that is not going backward from caring for the most vulnerable.”

We opted to enroll our daughter in an online private Christian academy, so we have a hybrid homeschool approach. We also opted to keep our son from daycare. We made those decisions for various reasons; financial considerations, lifestyle, belief system, and most importantly, our distrust of institutions to be proper custodians of our children’s development and education.

Before I get deeper into that hornet’s nest, I’ve been dying to publicly dissect the above argument that my decision not to have my children in public school indicates I am unqualified or too elite to have an opinion of what happens in my country’s public education system.

The youth being ‘educated’ in this system will become the doctors who treat us, the leaders who manage our country’s affairs, and the scientists that expand our minds and capabilities. So this means ALL Americans, regardless of whether they even have children, should be concerned with our public education system.

Notice what I did there? I assigned ownership to it. That’s because it is ours; we pay taxes into this system. We are investors in this system.

Furthermore, this argument that if you aren’t precisely the label of whatever issue is at hand, you should recuse yourself from having any voice in the discussion eludes me. Using this logic, as a woman who served in the military for 20 years, can I tell people who have never worn the uniform that they can’t possibly opine on defense or foreign policy? Of course not, because that is not only elitist but doesn’t make sense.

So let’s get back to why we decided to break up with Mickey.

At this point, I am used to major corporations bending a knee to the woke mob and putting on the veneer of inclusivity and allyship by denouncing this or that conservative value or concept. So I drew the line when I saw the video of a ‘biromantic asexual’ employee bragging that she added “…as much queerness wherever…” into kid’s shows she is responsible for writing.

It’s not that I take issue with seeing more same-sex relationships portrayed in entertainment. I have zero problems with same-sex parents, homosexuals serving in the military, or anywhere else. I take issue with this sort of comment and mentality in two areas.

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Dear Mickey

First, I don’t think my five and 2-year-old need to be subjected to any overt or covert sexualized content. When we would turn on Disney+, it wasn’t because of the romantic and sexual concepts. We would turn it on so that our kids could watch educational, fun material and movies meant to dazzle the imagination, challenge their thoughts of what magic could exist in the world, and explore places they can only dream about.

Second, I don’t think we should be celebrating the idea of calling anything queer. Perhaps I am just not ‘hip’ anymore, but queer was a derogatory term used to put down gay men in my day.

When it comes to Disney’s announcement that they intend to oppose the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation, this is what I like to call posing for the woke mob (which, in reality, probably only constitutes 5% of any given population group). The House bill not once mentions the word gay in its seven pages.

I believe the group Lesbians United put it best in their statement:

“Lesbians United knows homophobia when we see it – and Florida’s proposed Parental Rights in Education Act is emphatically not it. Instead, it is a collection of reasonable safeguarding measures, designed to protect kids – including young lesbian and gay boys – from exposure to inappropriate sexual content and from dangerous overreach by schools.”

So why call it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Act? Simple, to stir up false offense and anger from supposed allies of the gay community.

Like most things perpetuated by leftist groups, it’s merely a red herring meant to stir up discontent and false narratives in an attempt to control a larger discussion and population. None of this has anything to do with gays, trans individuals, or any other letter of the alphabet soup that is now so easily flaunted as a sign of equity-friendly businesses.

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Finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting and taking care of the most vulnerable in our population. This is about changing the narrative of what constitutes sex and gender. Confusing a generation already susceptible to competing pressures from all places in their environment and filling the bank accounts of the most lucrative business industry in recent years: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting firms.

So I’m sorry Mickey, it’s not me, it’s you. We just can’t see each other anymore. My values didn’t change, but yours did, and I no longer find your kingdom filled with magic.

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