It doesn’t make sense. The governor of New Jersey – the state that’s home to the stadium where the New York Jets and New York Giants play, and located just across the river from the Philadelphia Eagles – is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. How Chris Christie gets away with cheering for a team 1,500 miles away that’s also a major divisional rival of the Giants and Eagles, I’ll never understand. I know that would never fly in my hometown of Boston – any candidate that didn’t pledge complete fidelity to the Patriots/Red Sox/Bruins/Celtics would be burnt at the stake.

Maybe Christie now feels free to let his Cowboys flag fly because he’s a lame duck governor. Or maybe he’s trying to appeal to conservative Texas and middle America by supporting “America’s Team” ahead of running for president. On the other hand, there are plenty of Cowboy haters across the country that he just ticked off, and the image of him in a luxury owner’s box embracing a billionaire is sure to be used over and over in future campaign ads against him. Either way, the video that came out of Sunday night’s NFC Wild Card playoff game is just embarrassing.

Watch Governor Chris Christie making a fool of himself with Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones and some other random dude after the team came back to beat the Detroit Lions 24-20:


But as bad as that is, it still doesn’t beat Christie’s warm embrace of President Obama just days before the 2012 presidential election that may have swung the election. That was truly unforgivable and should be the reason his candidacy is sacked.

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