Whoa! Congressman Threatens Hillary Clinton Big Time! (VIDEO)

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While her Democrat cohorts and liberal media enablers have been struggling mightily to throw Hillary Clinton a lifeline regarding her “damn emails,” one GOP Congressman is vowing she will be “subject to impeachment” on “the day she’s sworn in.”

Can you imagine an American president being impeached on the very first day in office? That would be awesome!

Mo Brooks (R-AL) also reminded voters that Clinton’s problems stemming from her tenure at the State Department have very little to do with emails, and a whole lot to do with national security.

“She has committed high crimes and misdemeanors,” Brooks charged.


“Let’s be real clear about Hillary Clinton. You and other people in the media refer to it as e-mail scandal, I guess because that’s a nice, catchy phrase, people can grasp it.

It’s not about e-mails. It’s about national security and how many lives you put at risk by violating all rules of law that are designed to protect America’s top secret and classified information and falling into the hands of our geo-political [indecipherable] who then might use that information to result in deaths of Americans.

So it’s national security issue and in my judgment, with respect to Hillary Clinton, she would be a unique president, if she is elected by the public next November, because the day she is sworn in is the day that she is subject to impeachment because she has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Listen to Brooks’ comments below …

Comment: Is Brooks another tough talking Republican who will back down when it comes to the Clinton machine, or will he actually follow through on his threats to impeach Hillary? Discuss below.

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