Wendy Davis Campaign Aide Literally Drags Disabled Man Across Stage

Texas Democrat, gubernatorial candidate, and abortion aficionado Wendy Davis is having what Disney might refer to as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

First, her campaign unveiled an ad which featured slow-motion, black and white panning close-ups of a wheelchair, accompanied by the words “A tree fell on Greg Abbott.” Because, being a paraplegic of course is campaign fodder.

The only time a video should feature the words “a tree fell” it better end with the phrase “Does it make a sound?” Instead, Davis’ ad attacks Abbott for being hypocritical towards other disabled individuals, but more importantly tries to visually remind voters that hey, the guy is in a wheelchair – something that has been a consistent theme for Texas Democrats.

Then, at a campaign event this past Monday, this happened …

As Jim Geraghty at the National Review put it – supporting Davis “can be a drag.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

On Monday, Davis’s campaign organized a press conference in an effort to prove that some of her best friends are confined to wheelchairs. “Greg Abbott got his justice. Why doesn’t he believe that a rape survivor or a person with a disability or a victim paralyzed forever…should get justice too?” Davis said. “What makes Greg Abbott think it’s okay to deny them, his fellow Texans, the justice that he rightly went to court to receive?”

But things got a little awkward at one point when one of the disabled speakers was dragged across the stage in a chair by (presumably) a member of the Davis campaign.

Watch the video clip below …

The man in the chair stated that he asked to be moved by one of her staffers after speaking. He suffers from cerebral palsy, and was concerned about trying to move and falling after he spoke.

Fair enough – but how the Davis camp couldn’t come up with a better method to avoid such awkward optics is a mystery. A second microphone perhaps?

What’s not a mystery is why Davis’ campaign currently trails Abbott by double digits.

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