We Don’t Need A New Party, This Is Our Party Now

Republican party is our party

In January, there were rumblings that President Trump was considering starting his own political party.

This week, a new CBS News/YouGov poll shows that a whopping 70% of Republicans would consider joining a new party formed by Trump (with 33% of Republicans saying yes and an additional 37% saying maybe).

The poll additionally showed that 71% of Republicans said that Republican members of Congress who voted to impeach or convict Trump are “disloyal” while on 29% viewed these members as “principled.”

The talk of forming a new party should be left to losers like Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor (who hilariously said this week they were considering forming one).

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Do We Need A New Party?

Trump supporters don’t need a new party, we already have one – it called the Republican Party.

Is the GOP perfect? Hell no. Is it great? Nope. Is it a lost cause? Not by a long shot.

The truth is that pro-Trump Republicans aren’t fighting for control of the party, poll after poll makes it clear we are 100% in charge.

We don’t need a new party, what we need to do is clean up the party we already have.

Most conservatives are disenfranchised with the Republican Party – not because of anything the GOP’s grassroots have done – but because of what is being done by Republican-elected officials in Washington, DC (and in state capitols around the country).

I join my fellow conservatives in being angry at what the Liz Cheneys and Adam Kinzingers of the world are doing, but you want to know what?

We are responsible for them being there in the first place and we can remove them.

I know plenty of conservatives who feel completely and totally disillusioned with the party and who believe that it doesn’t matter who we vote for.

The Establishment

While I understand the frustration, this is exactly what the establishment wants you to feel.

They want you to feel powerless, they want you to simply shrug your shoulders and accept whatever crap sandwich they will serve you.

The establishment will tell you that we need to bury the hatchet and focus on winning back Republican majorities in the House and Senate in 2022.

Ignore them.

They want you to bury the hatchet they just shoved in your back, they want you to be the good little foot soldiers that voted for Bush and McCain and Romney, and most of all they want you to let them get back to doing things the way they used to do things before Trump showed up.

The establishment is right, winning back the majority in the House and Senate in 2022 is important, but not until we as conservatives win back our own party.

It is time to clean house. We don’t have to guess which Republicans we can trust, they have exposed themselves over the two months.

Every single member of the House who voted for the sham impeachment of President Trump should be primaried.

Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and the rest of the Vichy wing of the GOP should pay the political price for their absolute disdain and disgust for their own constituents.

New Contract With America

We need a new Contract with America, except this time it needs to be a Contract for America First.

Every single Republican running for office should be asked to sign this Contract for America First and pledge to fight for their constituents.

They should pledge to fight to end illegal immigration, to fight for fair trade, to end foreign adventurism, to protect the middle class, to break the power of big business and big tech, to stand for working class Americans and to stand up to the media, Hollywood, and the left wing culture warriors.

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This isn’t an effort that should be limited to Washington, DC.

The truth is that we need to defeat the establishment from sea to shining sea.

Every candidate for State House or State Senate or Governor should be asked to sign this Contract for America First.

Pro-Trump conservatives make up the vast majority of the Republican Party and its time we start acting like it.

If the establishment doesn’t like it then they can be the ones to start their own party. This is our party now.

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