WATCH: Marines Engage In Massive Street Brawl With Civilians In Texas After Woman’s Cellphone Is Taken

Marines Brawl
Source: Screenshot YouTube

A video is going viral this week in which a group of uniformed Marines engage in a massive street brawl with civilians outside of an Austin, Texas nightclub after a woman’s cellphone was stolen.

Massive Street Brawl

Daily Mail reported that the fight seems to have taken place outside of the Voodoo Room in Austin’s vibrant entertainment district on Sixth Street. It appears that the brawl started when one woman tried to grab a cellphone out of another woman’s hands, and a uniformed Marine attempted to intervene.

Things quickly go downhill from there as a man in a white shirt tries to punch a different Marine, missing him while his intended victim’s fellow servicemen rush to have his back. Some of the Marines tried to separate the feuding groups as they curse at each other, but the situation continues to escalate.

It isn’t long before an all-out brawl breaks out between the Marines and civilians, punching and knocking each other to the ground as police rush over to try and break things up. Bystanders were firmly on the side of the Marines, cheering them on as one man shouted “USA! USA!”

One man can be seen being detained at the end of the video, with sirens being heard off-camera. Check the video out for yourself below.

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Social Media Users Respond 

Social media users have also taken the side of the Marines, declaring them the clear winners of the fight.

“The guy lands three. THREE shots and the marine didn’t even budge. Same marine punches him once and the guy falls over. LOL,” one user commented, with another adding, “That marine took those punches like a man and didn’t even flinch! Impressive!!”

“As my grandfather was so fond of saying….’Mess with the bull, you get the horns.’ Those idiots had a death wish. Semper Fi, Jarheads,” a third user commented, with a fourth writing, “NEVER EVER mess with a Marine!!! They were all cool until the guy in the white hoodie threw the first punch! Then they finished the deal.”

“Thank you for your service, gentlemen,” a fifth user simply wrote.

The Austin Police Department declined to comment when contacted by The New York Post, and it is unclear at the time of this writing how many arrests were made.

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Sixth Street 

Though Sixth Street is known for being a historic area of Austin, locals have noticed a rise in alcohol-fueled violence there in recent years that has caused some to avoid it.

“As entertaining and enjoyable as dirty sixth can be, it can also quickly become a dangerous place,” one local law firm warns on its website.

“Intoxicated people, reckless drivers and a number of other factors can be the cause of incident and injury,” the firm continued.

Sixth Street was also the site of a mass shooting in 2021 that left one person dead and 13 injured.

It’s safe to say that the guys who started this brawl learned the hard way that messing with a Marine is never a good idea. We applaud these brave young men in uniform for teaching these clowns a lesson that they won’t soon forget!

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