WATCH: Democrat Candidate Says His Biggest Enemy Is Barack Obama

A state representative in Missouri was caught on video doing what most Democrats are doing this election cycle Рfuriously peddling away from the policies and platforms of the current President.

Ed Schieffer, during a question and answer session with a Tea Party group, took it a step further saying, “My biggest enemy is the President of the United States.” ¬†Schieffer also went on to say his father warned him that his biggest concern during the election were an “overly liberal” President and Congress.

Watch the clip below …

Earlier this month, the overly liberal President proclaimed that while he is not on the ballot come November, every single one of his “policies are on the ballot.”

He then doubled down on that during an interview with Al Sharpton, saying any Democrat pretending to run away from him have all voted with him and supported his agenda.

Tell us what you think. Is the President a Democrat’s worst enemy this election season?

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