Watch Baltimore Prosecutor’s Absurd Response When Asked About Stepping Down



Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby who brought charges against six police officers in the Freddie Gray case but has since been caught in multiple instances of a conflict of interest, had a very tense exchange with Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins last night.

Jenkins first asked what Mosby would like to say to cops who don’t believe she has their back. Mosby snapped back saying, “I’m not going to comment on that.”

She then proceeded to comment on it.

“I come from five generations of police officers,” she said. “That’s absurd. Of course I have – I work with the police department. We rely on the police department to get these violent repeat offenders off of our streets. That’s absurd.”

What’s absurd is forcing charges on police officers in the name of justice solely for one side of the incident, while telling criminals on the street that you’ve “heard (their) calls of no justice, no peace.”

That’s absurd.

Even better, Jenkins then asked Mosby if she’s given any thought to recusing herself from the case. She responded by recusing herself from the interview.

Watch …

Former prosecutor, Katie Phang, responded to Mosby’s dodging of the questions, pointing out that she’s willing to talk about arrests and soak in the glory, but when her merit in the case is questioned, she tucks her tail between her legs.

“When she’s asked a question that’s self-serving and when she can self-promote, she has no hesitation, basically, running her mouth,” Phang said.

When Jenkins comes along and asks tough questions, she doesn’t run her mouth.  She just runs.

Comment:  What are your thoughts on the Freddie Gray case?  Is Mosby a biased prosecutor who should recuse herself from the case?

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