WATCH: Activists Swarm, Attempt To Block Joe Manchin’s Car

A group of climate activists swarmed Senator Joe Manchin's car as he attempted to leave a parking garage, temporarily blocking his exit while shouting repeatedly.

A group of climate activists swarmed Senator Joe Manchin’s car Thursday as he attempted to leave a parking garage, temporarily blocking his exit, shouting repeatedly, with at least one individual physically leaning on the vehicle.

Video of the altercation was posted by the group that staged the dangerous situation, captioned with hysterical claims that the Senator “tried to run us over.”

While the group clearly feels justified in their actions and tried their best to portray Manchin as the aggressor, it is important for people to see just how far left-wing ‘activists’ have escalated their aggressive pursuit of lawmakers they have complaints with.

These aren’t the actions of sane people. They are maniacal. And they could have ended up getting themselves hurt with their actions.

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Activists Try To Blockade Joe Manchin’s Car

Naturally, those who tried to prevent Joe Manchin from getting into his car and go home peacefully, leaning and pushing back on the hood of his vehicle, are portraying themselves as victims.

“We blockaded Joe Manchin’s car and he tried to run us over,” the climate activist group captioned their video.

Thomas Kennedy, who claims to be a DNC member on his Twitter bio, also unleashed a dramatic description of events.

“Watch Joe Manchin drive his car into protestors who are demanding that he stop blocking climate provisions in the Build Back Better package on behalf of fossil fuel and other corporate interests,” Kennedy tweeted. “What an awful, selfish, greedy man.”

Manchin wouldn’t have had to drive ever so slowly “into” the protesters if they hadn’t blocked his path to begin with. Quite frankly, Manchin showed incredible restraint.

Especially amidst the hostility and vitriol coming from the protesters.

“This is Joe Manchin’s car slowly pressing into our peaceful protesters,” one person says in the video.

“We want to live! We want to live!” others shout, while still another adds, “F*** Joe Manchin.”

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Manchin Repeatedly Harassed

This isn’t the first time overzealous but undereducated left-wing loons have harassed Senator Manchin (D-WV) for the crime of not rubber-stamping a radical Biden agenda.

In late September, activists on kayaks rowed up to Manchin’s houseboat and shouted demands for him to support President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ spending spree.

He was surrounded by activists shouting “We want to live!” in another instance this week as he left that same houseboat.

Manchin’s colleague, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has also been the target of activists in some particularly scary situations.

She, like Manchin, has been a target for not supporting her party’s radical spending agenda.

She was accosted by left-wingers at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., earlier this month, then again by an individual while actually seated on the plane.

In an even more egregious example of activists overstepping their boundaries, a group of progressive activists earlier this month followed Sinema into a bathroom and recorded her as they stood outside the stall.

Manchin Thursday lamented the fact that he currently goes to work “in a hostile working environment every day.”

“You want to know what’s wrong with the place? I go to work in a hostile working environment every day,” he said.


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